Shameful choice

It will really be nice not to have to make the trip to Togus for medical issues (“VA funds will build Bangor clinic,” BDN, Aug. 26). The sad part about it is that whoever is in charge found it necessary to go all the way to Wisconsin to find a contractor to build it.

With all the talk about jobs in Maine, one would think that there must be someone capable in this state to do the job. I have a brother-in-law who owns a large electrical business and he probably won’t even be asked to put in a bid.

Shame on the powers that be.

John L Clark


• • •

Health care clarity

I wonder what would happen if Congress would do its own thinking, its own research and arrive at its own conclusions. The clearest it has yet become that money (through lobbyists) runs Congress is in the last few months of the health care reform debate.

Almost no one is doing their own thinking; few even want to really know what the core issues are which absolutely must be a part of the debate in order for this country and its citizens to thrive. Almost everyone from Congress to the guy on the street is looking for which side to line up with, depending on present or past affiliations.

In other words, whomever has the most cash, the biggest microphone and the most ox to be gored are steering the nation into something that doesn’t sound like it will save this country or a large number of its citizenry. We need to have those core issues examined much more clearly; demand details on every point; challenge bo-gus facts, what-ifs and what happens elsewhere; and acknowledge that the voices, advertisements and press coverage of anyone who has lots of money tied up in maintaining the status quo should have a serious credibility problem.

As someone who saw this play out from inside the insurance industry 44 years ago, I see many of the arguments again that were shot full of holes back then and are unfortunately getting too little attention now. Money is talking — very loudly!

Pat Felton


• • •

Stepford north

Regarding Camden’s latest snit, (“Will Camden residents vote to dim the lights?” BDN, Sept. 3), I totally agree with Brandon Kimble. It’s not Peyton Place anymore (actually it never was), but it’s definitely not Camden anymore either. Why don’t we just change the name to “Stepford” and let it go at that?

Judy Richards


• • •

On loving adults

No doubt Mr. Emrich (BDN, OpEd Sept. 2) knows many happy families, but perhaps he also knows some dysfunctional ones. He may also understand that biology does not dictate either the ability to have children nor the skills needed for raising children in this complicated world. I suggest he sit down and seriously think about each family he has counseled, each family with only one parent, each family where grandparents stand in for parents, each family with an abuser of alcohol or drugs or gambling, each family with tired working parents who have nothing to give their children.

His argument against same-sex unions is completely invalid, especially in view of the fact that many couples, regardless of their sexes, adopt children. Now let him tell us that two loving adults in a partnership are more of a problem to society.

Martha Harmon


• • •

Bottom feeder outed

They’re fish like flounder that scurry around for food off the bottom disguised as something else but never entering the competitive world of real fish. I met a human one at a socialized medicine demonstration in Bangor a while ago.

The demonstration was outside Michaud’s office. He, of course, wasn’t there so he could distance himself from whatever bad behavior his union guys got into. About 12 were there, probably because they were told to be there. They were remarkably peaceful. That was the plan.

The bottom feeder slithered up to our demonstrators anxious to learn why we were against Obama’s plan but admitted he was somewhat for it. At first he seemed harmless but as he engaged more and more of our guys in conversation I realized that he was distracting us from our job of demonstrating. That was obviously his goal.

After some heated conversation, I accused him of being a plant for the Democrats and told him to leave. He left. As he went he gave a big “thumbs up” signal to Michaud’s union guys across the street, thereby confirming our belief that he was a Democrat operative.

He reminded me of a bottom feeder because he disguised himself as something he wasn’t. There are a lot of them in the Democratic Party.

David Huck


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