ENFIELD, Maine — It’s work that can consume a big chunk of almost every day of the week, and after 10 years, Theresa Thurlow has had enough.

“I would like to have some time to myself,” she said Wednesday.

That’s why Thurlow will step down as town manager effective July 1.

“I am really going to miss being involved with townspeople and trying to get things accomplished,” Thurlow said. “It has been a fun 10 years of town manager. I have been really lucky. People have treated me wonderfully.”

As town manager, she helps coordinate town policies with the Board of Selectmen, oversees all facets of town government and its employees, and acts as the town’s No. 1 representative in matters of business, taxes, government services and liaison with residents and other agencies.

As the town’s code enforcement officer, a position she will retain beyond July 1, she works with businesses and residents as an inspector, permit and plan reviewer, and first responder to disputes or questions regarding buildings and property lines. Thurlow also manages Morgan’s Beach in the summer, another job she will continue.

Throughout all of it, Thurlow said, she deals with people, something she generally enjoys.

“I am a people person,” Thurlow said. “Being able to help residents and people that come through the town that need directions or advice or services has always been a privilege. It has been a tremendous opportunity for me, and people have been exceedingly gracious.”

Town Tax Collector and Deputy Town Clerk Dawn Chubbuck also will retire effective July 1. Like Thurlow, who has worked for the town in various capacities for 24 years, Chubbuck has had a long tenure — 28 years of service to Enfield.

“My husband just retired and I want to retire when I am young enough to still enjoy it,” Chubbuck said Wednesday. “I want to spend time with grandchildren and do some projects around the house.”

William Chubbuck retired as RSU 67’s director of guidance effective Nov. 1, she said.

Thurlow and Chubbuck intend to retire on July 1 because that’s the most seamless way to leave government. By that time, the beginning of the new fiscal year, the next year’s municipal budget has been set and they and other town officials will have had plenty of time to find suitable replacements, they said.