BELFAST, Maine — A city woman who has a history of driving while her license is under suspension was arrested Tuesday after allegedly driving from her home to the Belfast Co-op.

Lynne Rayburn, 67, was charged with operating a motor vehicle after license revocation after having been declared a habitual offender of traffic laws, a felony statute that carries a mandatory minimum sentence of six months in jail and $1,000 fine, Deputy District Attorney Eric Walker said Wednesday.

Rayburn was taken to Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset and was ordered held without bail when she appeared in court on Wednesday. A hearing on that bail revocation was set for Thursday, Feb. 25. Rayburn will remain in jail until that hearing, Walker said.

At the time of her arrest Tuesday evening, Rayburn was out on bail for two misdemeanor operating after license suspension charges that occurred last year in Belfast. Rayburn has a history of driving offenses and has had 14 convictions and six license suspensions over the last decade.

“We just can’t convince her to stop driving,” Police Chief Jeffrey Trafton said Wednesday. “All of my officers know her by sight, and a lot of people in the city know she is not supposed to be driving. That’s what happened last night. Someone saw her at the co-op and called us.”