PASSADUMKEAG, Maine — Two people could face charges after an incident Sunday morning in which a man told police he had been shot at while trying to collect on a debt he claimed he was owed.

Police later determined that no shot had been fired.

State police Trooper Barry Meserve said the incident, which was called in at 10:58 a.m., occurred at the Route 2 home of Donna Napier, 47.

No one was arrested and no charges have been filed against Napier or Albert Thibault, 25, of Old Town, who also was involved, Meserve said. The incident is still under investigation and will be referred to the Penobscot County District Attorney’s Office, the trooper added.

A man at the 327 Main Road house declined to comment after emergency vehicles left the scene.

Meserve said Thibeault, a mechanic, told state police he had gone to the home to collect on a bill he felt he was owed. He told police a .22-caliber rifle had been displayed, and when he left the scene, Thibault said, he heard a shot fired.

The two people did get into an argument, Meserve said, and the homeowner did get a firearm after asking Thibault three times to leave. But police found the rifle was never pointed at Thibault and had not been fired, Meserve added.

It also was determined the noise Thibault heard was the tailgate falling off his vehicle.

The Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department and the Maine Warden Service also responded to the incident report.