When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure that from the second school let out in June until the first day back in September, I became a dolphin. You could not keep me out of the water. Pool, lake, ocean, whatever — I lived in my swim goggles and red-and-white, polka dot swimsuit.

As an adult, I still love to swim, though perhaps without some of the adventuresome gusto I had at age 9. Though I don’t make the trip as often now, I still love to go to my favorite swimming spots. One of them, Morgan Beach on Cold Stream Pond, off Route 155 in Enfield, still brings back fond memories of underwater handstands and drip-drying hair.

I’ve only been a handful of times in the past 10 years, but I still can feel the unusually warm, clear water. I can see the sun hanging in the hot summer air and I can hear the excited splashing of other kids equally thrilled to be outside in the water and not stuck in a stuffy old classroom. Morgan Beach isn’t a natural wonder on par with, say, the majestic seascapes of Sand Beach. It’s a place for families to have a picnic and let the kids run wild in a safe environment. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is overcome with a wave of nostalgia when catching a whiff of Coppertone sunscreen.

There is a 50-cent charge to enter Morgan Beach, and a one-dollar charge to park your car.

— Emily Burnham, BDN Staff

Getting there

Take I-95 to Howland (Exit 217) and drive east to West Enfield on Hammett Road to Enfield. In Enfield drive north on Route 155 less than 2 miles to Davis Road and follow it tot he pond. (DeLorme’s “The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer” Map 33)