Here are some of our coverage plans for the day. Beyond serving as coming attractions, this feature is an opportunity for you to comment on our coverage choices, suggest sources, ask questions or share your knowledge in order to help us keep everyone better informed.

We’re calling this “The Daily News Meeting” because the list is generated from the 10 a.m. planning meeting BDN editors conduct each weekday.

Keep in mind that due to the uncertainties of reaching sources and the need to cover breaking news every story listed may not be published today.

For Friday, Aug. 20:

The city of Bangor had hired a local firm to conduct a comprehensive energy audit four years ago. The city implemented many of the recommended changes, and some of them have paid off greatly. Reporter: Eric Russell

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Michael Chasse, who is on trial in Knox County Superior Court on charges of assault, terrorizing and kidnapping, will resume his testimony today. Chasse has no attorney and is representing himself. Reporter: Heather Steeves

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The Board of Environmental Protection is expected to vote today on a compromise proposal that would require Mallinckrodt Corp. to remove two landfills from the HoltraChem site in Orrington, but leave three others in place. Reporter: Kevin Miller

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