Cianbro announced this morning that it has acquired Starcon International Inc., a Texas-based company that has 1,500 employees throughout the United States.

According to a company statement, the acquisition will “launch one of the East Coast’s largest diversified general contractors into the $12 billion refining and petrochemical service business, with nationwide presence.”

The Pittsfield-based Cianbro currently has 2,500 employees in 15 eastern states. Starcon is a mechanical contractor, working primarily in the refining and petrochemical industry, according to the release. It also has clients in the food processing, metals, paper and power industries, according to the company’s website.

The release did not detail a purchase price. It did say that Cianbro had purchased 100 percent of Starcon’s outstanding stock. Both companies are privately held.

Starcon will become a wholly owned subsidiary of The Cianbro Companies, “and will enable Cianbro to offer highly integrated solutions to the refining and petrochemical industry across the nation,” according to the release.

Last year, according to a release on the Starcon site, the two companies unveiled a “strategic alliance “expected to expand the market share for each company.”

“This alliance creates an industry powerhouse which will leverage our ability to capture and execute large scale capital, turnaround, and maintenance construction projects for our clients,” said Cianbro Chairman Peter Vigue and Starcon CEO Michael Uremovich in a joint statement that announced the 2009 deal. “The alliance is made possible by the close alignment of our individual companies’ culture, core values, and team member focus.”

The two companies had worked together on Cianbro’s module project for the expansion at the Motiva refinery in Texas. During 2009, Cianbro and Starcon formed a marketing alliance, allowing the companies to cooperatively apply their business offerings on contracts.

The acquisition should help expand Cianbro’s geographic market, as well. Primarily an East Coast company, Cianbro’s new subsidiary is strong in the Gulf Coast, Midwest and in California.