More study needed before using FieldTurf

It was a surprising front page headline (BDN, Dec. 9) about seeking $7 million for a new Cameron Stadium. The report was read with interest and the mention of using FieldTurf instead of natural grass was an attention-getter.

Raising $7 million must seem like peanuts considering what is needed for a new Bangor Auditorium. Whoever makes the decisions, once the funds are raised, about using FieldTurf might want to read the NFL’s Injury and Safety Panel’s March 2010 report that said ACL injuries occur 88 percent more of the time in games played on FieldTurf.

The NFL also said further study is needed at all playing levels of football played on FieldTurf. Most of Maine’s high schools do not play on FieldTurf. There is probably not much Maine high school and college injury-study info presently available for games played on FieldTurf, but the NFL’s report might be worth reading.

Richard Mackin  Jr.


Contact in basketball should be whistled

I’m in agreement with  Bob Cimbollek (BDN, Nov. 30). I was a basketball player in the 1950s in high school and college and an IAABO official in the 1960s.

I presently have two grandsons playing. When I officiated, any hand contact was a foul. This was mostly holding. I really don’t like the very aggressive contact that is very common.

The cause is the officials and the committee that sets rule changes. Stop the harmful behavior, it only hurts the players.

Charles Theriault

East Millinocket

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