FARMINGTON, Maine — A talk to a University of Maine at Farmington class by Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Thursday was interrupted by a heckler yelling for LePage to “tax the rich,” leading the governor to retort, “I would love to tax the rich if we had any in Maine.”

Lisa Savage of Solon, a literacy coach at Carrabec High School in North Anson, was escorted from the room by campus police after repeating the phrase, according to The Maine Campus.

“It’s very easy to say ‘Tax the rich,’” LePage said. “The state of Maine averages 80 percent of the national average. In Maine, we make on average about $46,000. New Hampshire, next state over, makes an average of $63,000. They have no income tax, they have no sales tax. Why the heck would anybody cross the border into Maine?”

“So in order for us to be prosperous, then we have to be competitive at the tax level, and we have to encourage those who have money to create jobs,” LePage continued. “Maybe some of you have, but I never have had anyone on welfare give me a job.”