DOVER, N.H. — As U.S. Representative Ron Paul left the room crowded with more than 230 people, he was showered with chants of “Run, Paul, Run!”

But Paul walked out of the room with a smile, seemingly confident at his response to a question posed by an audience member as to when he would consider running for president.

“The president wants to be powerful and control things,” he said. “If I was to be president I don’t want to run your life or economy.”

And that’s a point Paul made certain was clear in his speech Friday night at the Hellenic Center in Dover where he made an appearance at the first Lincoln Reagan Dinner for the Dover Republican Committee.

Paul began his speech saying he is often asked why he hasn’t achieved more in Congress. He said the downside to this question is that many people measure success by how many laws they have written or passed.

“I’d like to see the day when you measure successful Legislatures by how many laws they repealed,” he said.

One thing he said he would like to see repeal is the Federal Reserve system, saying it has created more problems for the economy rather than helping. By creating more money, he said the government doesn’t realize it needs to be learning to control the spending.

“Now is the time to live beneath our means,” he said. “But the government doesn’t want to do that. Instead they pump harder and increase spending… benefits and Social Security checks can always come because government can spend money.”

For example, he said the government has good intentions helping the poor with welfare distribution, but that instead the system ends up causing larger poor populations.

Paul explained that if the government gives money to every lower class person to have a house, it causes the country to become more in debt. When the country ends up in a recession and they have to bail out banks those same people who were given money to get a house end up losing their jobs and homes.

“So we borrow money and now we’re all in debt,” he said. “We have to slash spending, work hard, and pay our debt, but politicians don’t want to hear that… Let’s say one or two percent always need (welfare help), but that’s better than 30 percent,” he said.

Another area Paul said could help cut spending for the government is its participation in the world events.

“We’ve assumed a different role from what the Constitution says,” he said. This role has involved “policing the world and taking care of everyone.”

“This doesn’t mean starting civil wars and getting involved in the affairs of other nations,” he said.

Paul advocated for bringing not only the troops in the Middle East home, but also troops in the more than 700 bases across the world including South Korea, Japan and Germany. He also added that ending participation in wars would save the country more than a trillion dollars a year.

“They say we’re (in these countries) for humanitarian reasons,” Paul said. “Let me say, we’re not bombing in Libya for humanitarian reasons.”

Paul warned that country had become too materialistic and has come to learn that freedom means wealth. He asked the crowd to step back, remember the Constitution and the true meaning of liberty such as free markets, lower taxes and private property.

Paul left Friday night’s gathering not only with the crowd chanting for him to run for presidency in 2012, but by asking the crowd to do its best to spread the word about the importance of liberty.

“Everyone has a role to play,” he said, “And those who know the desperate need of the message should be participating. That’s why I give speeches.”

Jack Kimball, chairman of the New Hampshire GOP, added to Paul’s message with his own, asking Republicans to stand united.

“We saw Nov. 2 what a united party can do,” he said. “Our party is extraordinarily strong when we’re united. We need to focus on the Democrats. There is enough criticism Republican to Republican. It needs to end now.”

He also made a vow that in 2012 the state will instill a Republican government and lead the rest of the country in picking a new president.

“I will do everything in my power so (Republicans) maintain the majority, remain united and defeat the Democrats at every turn,” he said, while encouraging candidates like Paul to also continue the fight.

“You make sure you do the people’s bidding and we’ll back you up,” he said.

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