PROSPECT, Maine — The results are in.

“This place has some serious activity going on.”

That was the “reveal” Wednesday night on the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunter” show that featured the investigation of Fort Knox back in February.

“They definitely believe it’s haunted,” said Leon Seymour, executive director of the Friends of Fort Knox, who was featured on the show giving the “Ghost Hunter” crew a quick tour of the fort.

About 50 people gathered at the Bucksport Golf Club to watch the show on a big-screen TV.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said, adding that the locals got a chuckle from the crew’s complaining about the cold and how they felt as if they were out in the “wilderness.”

The show’s stars, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, and co-star Amy Bruni roamed the 19th century stone fort with high-tech equipment searching for evidence of paranormal activity.

The ghost hunters didn’t see any ghostly figures in any of the areas where they investigated, but they did pick up some unexplained readings on their instruments. In Long Alley, where there have been reports of ghost sightings, there was a strange anomaly on their thermal imaging camera that they could not explain. And something broke through the laser grid that they had set up. They also heard some “crazy breathing.”

“It sounds like it’s right next to me,’’ Hawes said from the darkened alley “It sounds like it’s coming closer and closer.”

Near the cannon mounts, the crew also heard loud footsteps when there was no one there.

While there were no spooktacular apparitions during the show, being featured on the popular SyFy Channel show definitely conjured up some interest in Fort Knox.

According to Seymour, the Friends’ website got 951 hits by midnight Wednesday and another 270 by late Thursday afternoon, coming from all over the country. This time of year, the site usually gets about 60 or 70 hits a day, Seymour said.

“It certainly had the effect of getting the fort out all around the country,” he said.