ROCKLAND, Maine — A man accused of a brutal rape, tampering with the victim after the crime and then trying to escape from the Knox County Jail will have all the related charges handled in one trial, a Superior Court justice decided Monday.

Last June, Bradley Lemay of Augusta was accused of raping a Camden woman at knifepoint.

The victim called 911 after the alleged assault to report she had been raped in her Camden home by a man named Brad and she gave a description of the vehicle driven by her assailant.

A short time later, a Rockport Police Department officer tried to pull over a vehicle matching the description, but it sped off, reaching speeds of more than 100 miles per hour on rural roads. After Rockland police laid spike mats across Route 1, the vehicle was disabled and the driver, Lemay, was arrested and taken to Knox County Jail.

On July 2, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office reported that Lemay was injured trying to escape the jail. A corrections officer saw Lemay scale the fence and then fall from the top back into the exercise yard after suffering several cuts from the razor wire.

Then later in July, Lemay sent a letter from jail to his brother asking him to either threaten the victim or pay her not to testify, according to Camden police. Instead, Lemay’s brother contacted police.

Lemay, who is a serial rapist, according to police, is charged with gross sexual assault, burglary, aggravated criminal trespass, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, assault, eluding a police officer, tampering with a victim and escape.

Lemay’s attorney, Christopher MacLean, argued in Knox County Superior Court Monday not to have the crimes heard together. The number of crimes could prejudice a jury, he said.

“It would lead a jury to believe he’s erratic and unpredictable and somehow scary,” MacLean argued.

Because the crimes were connected, Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm decided that if the case goes to trial, all the crimes will be heard together.

Several motions by MacLean to suppress evidence from the alleged crimes have been filed. A Superior Court justice is expected to answer the attorney’s requests soon.

Lemay had been released from Maine State Prison in February 2010 after serving 21 years of a 35-year jail sentence for 1989 convictions of kidnapping and gross sexual misconduct, according to Bangor Daily News archives.