HOULTON, Maine — Repairs to a snowmobile bridge that was damaged this past winter will be made possible thanks to money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Houlton Town Manager Douglas Hazlett informed the Town Council this week that the community had received $24,989 in FEMA disaster recovery funds as a result of the heavy rain and flooding from December 2010. Of this amount, $7,000 will be earmarked to replace a snowmobile bridge located across the B Stream that was wiped out in the flooding.

“Last December, we had quite a bit of snow on the ground and then got a significant amount of rain,” Hazlett said. “It caused about five or six roads to be washed out in town and the snowsled bridge across B Stream to be completely eliminated.”

No other bridges or trails were significantly damaged as a result of the flooding, Hazlett said.

The remaining amount of the funds will be used to aid the town’s fuel budget, specifically its diesel fuel account.

“Other than the $7,000, we can use the funds for public works expenses in general,” Hazlett said. “In this case we will offset the higher than planned cost of fuel due to winter plowing.”