Dave Small returned to the killdeer nest site he photographed last week just two days after his last visit and found that the killdeer had 2 two-day old chicks from the four eggs. The nest was empty and clean. While canoeing on Mud Pond, a float plane flew over, practicing touch and go landings. Also overhead were two immature American bald eagles. One was soaring above the northwest side of the pond, the other dropped down out of a tree, just a few yards in front of Small and his wife, and began flying off in a southeasterly direction. While picnicking at Rockport Town Harbor, Small said, “we noticed a school of mackerel feeding between the docks and a retaining wall. The resulting photographic image is a good example of repeating patterns in nature. We saw the solitary sandpiper on the Penopscot River Trail and the eastern wood pewee on the Stillwater River. The chipmunk was busy gathering food at the Lyle Littlefied Ornimental Garden at U-Maine.”