How often are you looking for a way to hold, let’s say, your cellphone while you’re on the speaker trying to wrestle something from the recess of your desk, a pocketbook or pants pocket? Or held your flashlight while you worked in a dark recess of the engine compartment or read a book?

Or how about holding the GPS on your handlebars while on a trail ride? Or the iPad to the back of a headrest in your vehicle to keep the kids entertained in the back seat?

The answer to all these and a multitude more of “how do I hold onto this device other than my hands?” is the Spiderpodium that comes in two sizes. As its name implies, it has eight legs, like a spider.

Use one to prop up your iPad on the counter or desk, or to hang your iPad from the seat in front of you on the train or plane, or prop up your portable movie player and free up your hands for popcorn and a soda.

Outdoors it is great for docking a radio on a picnic table. Wrapped around a tent pole it can be used as a grip for a torch or flashlight, a holster for a gadget, even as a hook for hanging, wet clothes.

The bendable legs are covered with a soft, rubber-like material so they won’t mar surfaces or your device. You simply form the legs to hold the device and use the remaining legs to act as a stand or hanger, depending on where you’re using it. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The Spiderpodium can even be used as a toy. Form a spider, an alien, a bug. Use it to fasten your cellphone to the baby carriage handle or the portable movie device to the underside of the handle to keep the little one entertained.

Price: Small (3-inch arms, spans 7½-inches) $12-$18; large (5-inch arms, spans 11 by 12 inches) $22-36

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