MicroBites from Guyot Designs are a backpacker or camper’s dream utensil. Each snap-together pair is a five-utensil set that will take care of all your eating and many of your cooking needs.

One piece is a spork (a spoon with short fork tines on the business end that allow you to use as a fork or spoon). The other is a combination knife (with a serrated edge that works, spreader and spatula). Both pieces are rigid enough to perform their assigned duties.

They barely tip the scales (less than 1 ounce at 22 grams) and take up minimal space in your cook kit at 6 inches in length.

Made of high-temperature nylon polymer, they have a hole in the handle that allows them to be attached to your pack or cook kit with a small carabiner or clip. Because they are nylon, they are safe to use with your expensive coated cookwear.

When you get a little overzealous in the heat department under your cookpot and stick something to it, the spatula will come to your assistance in scraping the residue off the pot. This is comforting to those of us who may not have coated cookwear. You know that most one-pot meals need constant attention and frequent stirring while cooking. Get distracted for a moment and you’ve got the beginnings of a sticky mess.

MicroBites are easy and quick to clean: Dunk them in boiling water (they can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees) and give them a quick wipe.

They come in a variety of colors: orange, black, green, red and yellow (different colors for each member of your party?) and sell for $4.95 per pair.

And for those of you who count your carbon points, Guyot Designs says each MicroBites set will carry more than 25 pounds of verified greenhouse emissions reductions making MicroBites not just carbon-neutral but carbon-negative.