PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The more than week-long search for a missing 58-year-old Presque Isle man has ended, but not as family, friends and authorities had hoped.

The body of Charlie Flint, who last was seen on Aug. 9 in Washburn, was found Friday morning along a skidder trail off a logging road in Ashland. A logger, who Presque Isle Police Detective Sgt. Wayne Selfridge said was aware of media reports about the missing man, discovered the body and called authorities.

Flint’s dog, a Pomeranian named Rocky, was found alive in Flint’s Jeep.

The Presque Isle Police Department alerted people to Flint’s disappearance last Monday. Flint was considered to be in peril because of a heart condition and it was out of character for him to go so long without contacting anyone.

Selfridge said Friday that Flint had driven his Jeep Wrangler into the woods in Ashland, likely because he sought privacy there and liked to “ride the woods.”

Police believe Flint drove off the logging road and onto a skidder trail and got stuck. His body was found beside the vehicle.

The door of the Jeep was open, so the Pomeranian was able to get in and out to get water and scavenge for food.

Police are not sure how Flint died, but his death is not considered suspicious. Since it was an unattended death, a routine autopsy will be performed.

“Family, friends and we in law enforcement had prepared ourselves for this possibility,” said Selfridge. “And unfortunately, he was found dead.”

Selfridge credited the people of Ashland for their assistance. Selfridge said that volunteers searched “a huge swath” of land to try to find Flint.

“It was great, because we had no idea where to search,” said Selfridge. “They were wonderful. We have heard from so many people who really liked Charlie Flint.”

Flint left home without his medications, cell phone or ATM cards. He liked to frequent the North Maine Woods, according to police.

The Presque Isle Police Department was assisted by the Maine Warden Service and the Ashland Police Department.