So often in this space, we’ve dwelled on the negative, tut-tutting about high-calorie foods dripping with fat and laden with nitrates. Today, we present only good caloric news, gleaned from “The Men’s Health Big Book of Food&Nutrition.” Dig in and take our quiz:

1. Ground bison is a great alternative to hamburger from, you know, a cow. How many calories does a 4-ounce bison burger (sans bun and condiments) pack?

a) 310

b) 248

c) 172

2. Which of these so-called “other meats” has the fewest calories per 4-ounce serving?

a) venison (deer tenderloin)

b) alligator

c) lamb

3. Which has the most protein?

a) venison

b) alligator

c) lamb

4. Which of the following contains the least amount of fat per 4-ounce serving?

a) bison

b) rabbit

c) alligator

5. Say you’re at a deli and are faced with a choice of meat for your sandwich. Caloriewise, which is the best choice?

a) bologna

b) pastrami

c) salami


Answers: 1: b; 2: a (venison: 168; alligator: 260; lamb: 272); 3: b (alligator: 52 grams; venison: 32 grams; lamb: 20 grams); 4: b (rabbit: 4 grams; alligator: 5 grams; bison 16 grams); 5: b (pastrami: 41 calories; bologna: 87 calories; salami: 114 calories).