Lost to wind sprawl

The failure of LURC to protect the Donnell Pond area from wind sprawl is another reason to tighten up their guidelines before any more areas are lost to industrial-scale wind turbines.

The area was protected from development by the Land for Maine’s Future program. The turbines are too close to the protected areas and counters the original idea to save the area from development. The towers are intrusive and impossible to ignore.

The claim by the developer that the area is an “industrial forest” is incorrect. Some areas are a “working forest,” which implies the forest is allowed to regenerate after it is cut. The “industrial” tag applies to the turbine size. Trying to make the project acceptable by claiming the whole area is industrial is not convincing anyone.

The turbine sites and transmission lines are sprayed to prevent tree regrowth, counterproductive to the practice of forest regeneration. Deforestation is a recognized contributor to climate change worldwide.

This project should have been denied. When any industry is allowed to write their own laws the environment is bound to suffer.

Mike DiCenso


Snide on Quimby

What is with the inflammatory headline and snide article about Roxanne Quimby blasted across the front page of the weekend edition of the Bangor Daily News (“Roxanne Quimby calls Maine a ‘welfare state’,” Oct. 10)?

Quimby’s comments in her online interview with Forbes — the basis for the BDN story — seem spot-on to me: Anyone who has been to Walmart knows Maine has an alarming number of obese people. As for Millinocket centering its school budget around 60 Chinese students paying $24,000 tuition, and getting in three, how is that not a “total economic disaster”?

Quimby is not a politician stroking voters’ egos with phrases like “Morning in America” and “We’re number one” while pursuing policies that wreck the economy and environment. And unlike these cynical politicians, she has created good jobs (Burt’s Bees) and her mission, creating a national park, is all about protecting the environment and boosting Maine’s economy.

Also unlike the right-wingers whose ideology runs through the BDN article (i.e. questioning the intelligence of giving so much land to the federal government), she has shown saintly patience in trying to placate her opponents.

Quimby owns these 70,000 acres of Maine woods abutting Baxter State Park. She could cordon them off for a private hunting or ranching preserve. She could compromise our watershed and wilderness with condos and McMansions as with Plum Creek. She could try to turn a profit by selling to a polluting industry.

But she wants to give this land to every Mainer and American. What’s mock-worthy about that?

Patrisha McLean


Obama, Biden anti-feminists

Recently, when Vice President Joe Biden was in China, he addressed China’s problem of an aging population that relies on the wages of a diminishing youth population. He said, “Your policy is one I fully understand. I’m not second-guessing one child per family.”

House speaker John Boehner denounced his stance and said, “I’m deeply troubled by his comments about China’s reprehensible one-child policy, which has resulted in forced sterilization and coerced abortions and should not be condoned by any American official. No government on earth has the authority to place quotas on the value of innocent life as an economic commodity that can be regulated and taken away on a whim by the state.”

Since President Obama took office he reversed President Bush’s policies and gave $765 million of our taxes to the United Nations Population Fund in 2010 alone, and millions have gone to China for its one-child policy. Congress is now considering an appropriations bill that would restore the Mexico City policy which would prevent using our money for overseas abortions.

Please pray that Obama will not veto the bill. The Chinese preference for boys along with the use of ultrasound to identify gender has led to “gendercide,” choosing to abort girls over boys. Feminists have lauded abortion as a means of empowering women but little girls are being exterminated simply for being girls. Biden and Obama are the ultimate anti-feminists.

Tom Coleman Sr.


Theatre treasure

There is a treasure in a neighboring town, and that treasure is the Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft. I had the pleasure of seeing their recent performance “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” It was truly amazing.

I love theatre productions and see them often when visiting family in Connecticut. The last one I saw was “Beauty and the Beast.” I paid $65 for that ticket. The $10 senior ticket that I purchased for “Joseph” provided just as much enjoyment and entertainment.

The music was spectacular. The lead singers could have graced a professional stage anywhere. The orchestra was great, the acting was well-done and fun, the sets were inventive and the children’s chorus was delightful. Everyone certainly deserved the standing ovation they received at the end of the play.

The next time you hear of a performance by the Slightly Off-Center Players at the Center Theatre, make the effort to attend. I know I’ll be there.

Marlene Stevens


Abolish tipping

The editorial cartoon in Saturday’s paper showing a tip jar at a bank teller’s window prompted this letter.

Have you noticed how many places of business now exhibit tip jars? Not just your friendly waitress or bellboy expects a tip now. Your barber, hairdresser, taxi driver, the young adult who scoops out your ice cream cone at your local ice cream shop, nearly everyone has their hand out, expecting some gratuity. Do you know where the word “tips” comes from?

“In the English inns and coffeehouses, they would put out a box with the sign, ‘To Insure Prompt Service’ to remind guests that a coin deposited inside would bring excellent results in the way of service,” according to “A Book About A Thousand Things,” by George Stimpson (Harper 1946).

When I go into any place of business I expect prompt service. Any business that wants to remain successful had better provide prompt service. I have always resented tipping and only tip in restaurants because it is demanded. Waitresses are paid less than minimum wage because of the tips. If I ever become president, my first order of business will be to abolish tipping. Every person should be paid a fair wage for the work that they do.

Shirley G. Aube