NEWPORT, Maine — A Plymouth man was arrested Wednesday afternoon after punching out a car window, yanking out a passenger and robbing him, said Newport Police Chief Leonard Macdaid.

According to police, Anthony Barnes, 30, forced a vehicle off the road with his car and blocked it into a driveway. He reportedly got out of his vehicle, jumped on the hood of the other vehicle and broke the windshield. He then punched out the passenger’s-side window and tried to pull out a male occupant, police said.

Barnes stole a cell phone, a wallet with $400 inside and a pack of cigarettes, said Macdaid. He then took off and was arrested at his Ridge Road residence.

He was arrested on charges of robbery, violation of conditions of release and operating under suspension.

The male passenger was injured in the ordeal. Macdaid did not say what the injury was.

There were three passengers in the vehicle, two male and one female. None have been identified because of the investigation. Macdaid said they did not know Barnes.

As of Thursday afternoon, he was still in custody at Penobscot County Jail.

It’s Barnes’ second arrest in four months. In July, Barnes was arrested for repeatedly calling 911 because he feared people with rifles were chasing him. He told officers he had been using bath salts.

In May 2009, Barnes was charged with felony aggravated assault for hitting a man in the head with a collapsible baton.