The Family Of AMY, COTY and MONICA
Take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to everyone for your support following our tragic loss. This has been and continues to be a very difficult time, but the kindness and generosity of so many has helped us tremendously. Special thanks to all who brought a food dish, stopped for a visit, called on the phone or sent one of the many wonderful cards and letters of support. We appreciate your heartfelt smiles, warm words of encouragement and especially keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. To those involved in providing the wonderful meal that followed the service, honoring the lives of these three wonderful individuals, and to the folks that volunteered their time to organize, participate in or provide a monetary donation to the several events that have since followed this tragic event, we thank you. Everything has meant so much and will never be forgotten! Thanks and love to all, Ralph and Linda; Jeff, Roxann, Adam and Kyle; Rob, Kathy, Lindsay and Abigail