Where did October go?

The months and seasons seem to be flying past.

On Friday I was hiking at one of my favorite spots off the Stud Mill Road in Costigan. The road is usually gated. It has been open during the past two weeks, but the property owner has never, to my knowledge, discouraged people from using his property.

While walking on the road, just past the gate, I saw a large pile of expended shotgun shells laying on the road, several empty shell boxes, broken clay pigeons, lots of paper plates with holes in them and three projectile holes in a sign. I finished my hike with that scene haunting me. Why would this happen just because the owner opened his gate? I don’t hunt as much as I use to, but I still enjoy being able to take my Canon onto private property for photos. I cleaned the mess up, and hope the land does not get posted!

On a more pleasant note, I was able to get some fairly nice shots of a hermit thrush in the University Forest. These guys are tough to catch in the open. Also, a nice group of fungi graced my lens. An American bald eagle welcomed Deb and I to the Birch Point Trail on Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday. This was the first time we hiked on that trail, usually we take the Hollingsworth Trail. We were both surprised to see a small group of greater yellowlegs hanging out on a rock near the trail. It was a great four mile round trip hike. We’ll do it again.

Thank you, once again, for tolerating my rant. I really enjoy sharing my photos and adventures with you in this email format.