Last year’s record, finish: 6-12, No. 14

Roster: So. Macie Bellanceau, Fr. Marissa Chasse, Jr. Kayla Cote, So. Rachel Gillis, Sr. Chelsea Hammond, Fr. Brittany Harris, Fr. Kaitlyn Henderson, Sr. Brooke Labelle, Sr. Adrianna Paradis, Jr. Kylee Rubin, Jr. Tayra Saucier, Fr. Sophie Theriault, So. Diana Watt; coach: Ashlee Peters


Last year’s record, finish: 16-4, No. 2, lost to Deer Isle-Stonington in semifinal

Roster: Sr. Rachael Grew, Sr. Victoria McIntyre, Sr. Heather Bradstreet, Jr. Kayla Cushman, Jr. Page Fletcher, Jr. Olivia Garrison, Jr. Sarah Grass, Jr. Breanne York, So. Marissa Anthony, So. Sydney Smith, Fr. Whitnie Bradbury; coach: Stori Shaw

Outlook: We have great leadership in senior captains Grew and McIntyre. Both are very good players, with Grew playing point and McIntyre covering inside. We are looking to play a running game, with lots of continuous pressure on the ball on defense. They are a great group of young ladies who seem to be working very hard in the preseason. Our goal is to have a successful season and be a top contender in Class D East heading into the tournament.


Last year’s record, finish: 9-9, No. 11

Roster: Sr. Ariana Babineau, Sr. Danielle Dudley, Jr. Mindy Desmond, Jr. Carla Halvorson, So. Mariah Cyr, So. Stephanie Hammond, So. Cassandra Buck, So. Haley Ambrose, Fr. Kylee Carter, Fr. Hanna Ferris, Fr. Taylor Brown; coach: Rachel Tomlinson

Outlook: Having a young team once again with only three returning players from the varsity squad, we look to continuously improve each game. Although we will be small on the boards, I am hoping our quickness and athleticism will allow us to get up and down the court better than last year. My hope is to catch some teams off guard this season and come away with a season of wins. After falling just short of prelims last year, we are looking to improve our record to get these girls a chance at playoffs, which the Easton girls haven’t seen in quite some time.


Last year’s record, finish: 15-5, No. 5, lost to Washburn in semifinal

Roster: Sr. Katie Donovan, Sr. Amanda Hotham, Sr. Danielle Tracy, Sr. Kacie York, Jr. Sydney Churchill, Jr. Kellyn McGillan, Jr. Rebekah Pelkey, Jr. Kelsey Turner, So. Logan Bubar, So. Jordann Coiley, So. Janae Libby, So. Nicole Giberson, So. Jessica Goshorn, So. Whitney McNamee, Fr. Shyla Bouchard; coach: Larry Gardner

Outlook: Coach Larry Gardner begins his 14th year as coach of the Lady Tigers, who are not very big and will rely on some quickness in their younger players. They will have to play solid defense and work hard on the boards to be successful. Their season depends on how quick the young players develop, and with a real tough schedule, there may be some growing pains. Their schedule includes Washburn, Central Aroostook, Hodgdon, Class C Madawaska and Fort Kent along with Easton, Limestone, Katahdin and Wisdom. Teams that will be tough this year in Class D will include Washburn, which is loaded with talent, Woodland, Central Aroostook, Hodgdon, Schenck, PVHS and Van Buren.


Last year’s record, finish: 0-18, 20

Roster: Jr. Halle Duff, Jr. Allison Little, Jr. Olivia Lord, So. Caitlin Miles, Jr. Destinee Neureuther, Fr. Kayla Neureuther, Jr. Lauren Robertson, eighth-grader Colby Walker; coach: Steven Gray


Last year’s record, finish: 8-10, No. 16 in EM Class C

Roster: Sr. Sara Fitzpatrick, Jr. Haley Gardiner, Sr. Maya Gardiner, So. Karissa Harris, So. Lauren Howell, Jr. McQuarrie Lacey, Sr. Kimberly Levesque, Jr. Palmer McKensie, Sr. Britta Oliver, Jr. Jennah Steamer, Jr. Mariah Wiley; coach: Vaughn Farrar


Last year’s record, finish: 4-14, No. 15

Roster: So. Morgan Livezey, So. Breanna Cullen, So. MacKenzie Roy, Jr. Megan Merry, So. Elizabeth Knowles, Jr. Ashley Randall, So. Brianna Majkowski, So. Delaney Fitzpatrick, Fr. Michelle Birmingham; coach: Heather Lyons


Last year’s record, finish: 2-16, No. 13

Roster: Fr. Kennedi Smith, So. Mariah Williams, So. Jordyn Hopkins, Fr. Annie Sinclair, Fr. Ellyzabeth Bencivenga, Jr. Daniele Pelkey, So. Alexis Bell, Sr. Stephanie Leighton, So. Melissa Cantafio, So. Kelsee Albert, Sr. Amanda Allen, Sr. Mallory Patten; coach: Robert Hancock


Last year’s record, finish: 15-3, No. 4, lost in quarterfinal

Roster: So. Sable Altvater, Jr. Elizabeth Bishop, Jr. Desirae Dubois, Jr. Katelyn Goodall, So. Mataya Hartin, Jr. Ria Kinney, Fr. Katherine Prescott, Sr. Olivia Raymond, Sr. Kaitlyn Sommers, Jr. Kristen Tarr, So. Jessica Tucker; coach: Harris Tucker


Last year’s record, finish: 10-8, No. 10, lost in prelim round

Roster: So. Erika Searles, So. Stephanie Gendreau, Sr. Natasha Bourgoin, Sr. Ashley Wilson, Sr. Naomi Maldonado, Fr. Amanda Sytulek, So. Parise Rossignol, So. Chantal Deveau, Fr. Courtney Parent, Fr. Isabel Parent, Fr. Felisha Bouchard, So. Kayla Durette, Fr. Emily Dumond; coach: Matthew Rossignol


Last year’s record, finish: 20-2, No. 1, won Class D state title

Roster: Jr. Rayah Saucier, So. Taylor Blackstone-Thompson, So. Carsyn Koch, Fr. Joan Overman, So. Carmen Bragg, Fr. Mackenzie Worcester, Jr. Maegan Fitzpatrick, Jr. Olivia Doody, Fr. Catelyn Coulombe, Fr. Hannah Heald, Fr. Stacy Landry, Fr. Lucia Bragg, So. Nicole Olson; coach: Michael Carlos


Last year’s record, finish: 2-15, No. 18

Roster: Fr. Chelsi Albert, Sr. Ashley Beaulieu, Jr. Jessica Boynton, Sr. Suzie Collins, So. Mariah Corriveau, Jr. Jayme Cyr, So. Allyssa Dumond, So. Shania Gervais, Sr. Tiffani Goyette, Sr. Meghan Guerrette, Fr. Mindy Guerrette, Fr. Melana Marquis, Fr. Tyra Michaud, Fr. Cassidy Ouellette, Fr. Vanessa Pelletier, Jr. Casey Tardif, Fr. Kelsie Tardif; coach: Norman Cyr