LEBANON, Maine — The substance found in a makeshift drug lab discovered in a Bigelow Road residence nearly two weeks ago has yet to be identified.
State authorities have been waiting for chemist reports to identify the substance since it was discovered on Jan. 14. in the basement of a residence at 25 Bigelow Road.
“I have not heard one word on that,” Steve McCausland, a spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, told Foster’s on Tuesday.
A man from the Augusta, Maine, area was arrested when law enforcement officials discovered a drug manufacturing lab in the basement of the residence owned by Deborah Wilson.
Wilson reported that she found what appeared to be a makeshift drug lab in the basement of her home, and informed officials that she had allowed 41-year-old Aaron Lowden, described as homeless, to stay in her basement.
The York County Sheriff’s Office and the Maine Drug Enforcement Administration’s Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team soon discovered a Coleman stove, beakers, and glass tubes in the basement, determining that they were, in fact, part of a homemade drug lab.
Lowden was arrested on a bail violation and held at York County Jail. He was released on Jan. 20 after paying $500 cash bail.
Lowden will face drug manufacturing charges once it is determined what was being concocted in the basement of the Bigelow Road home.