Belfast-based Mathews Brothers Co. announced recently that it has broken its previous safety record of 713 days without a lost-time accident.

The company, which is America’s oldest window manufacturer, said in a release that it takes an aggressive approach to workplace safety by correcting problems when they’re spotted and implementing a safety management system and safety training program for the work force.

“An achievement like this requires the dedication and conscious effort of each and every one of our employees, on a daily basis,” said company President Scott Hawthorne. “This milestone is a testament to our commitment to safety, and the complete involvement of every employee.”

Hawthorne noted that last year, Mathews Bros. was awarded the OSHA-SHARP designation for its efforts in providing a safe and healthful work environment, the only window company in New England to receive that designation.

The company pointed out in the release that window manufacturing is a “highly hazardous” operation, and that mill work, manufacturing and glazing classifications are typically among the highest risk occupations, as classified by both OSHA and workers’ compensation.

“To achieve nearly two years without a lost work time day is truly historic,” the release said.