FAIRFIELD, Maine — Organizers and vendors at the Healing Arts and Psychic Festival at the Fairfield Community Center on Saturday said visitors were interested in feeling better about themselves.

One man said a visit to a similar festival last April saved his life.

Alice King, who helped organize the event, operates Seeds of Grace, which offers spiritual table tipping.

“You have people at the table and we ask yes or no questions,” said King. “The table will tilt to answer.”

Norridgewock’s Rob Mercier said a session he attended last year changed his life.

“I was a heavy smoker and I really didn’t take care of myself,” said Mercier. “During the table tipping, I was talking to my mother and my spirit guide. It changed my life. I feel better. I have more energy. I just feel reborn.”

Mercier said he kept an open mind when attending the session.

“Gail [Smith, who was running the session,] insisted that I come up,” said Mercier. “My mother died from lung cancer. My mother was there. I came up and [Gail] told me, it’s you. She gave me a lecture [about my smoking]. I looked at her and said ‘Mom’? It was amazing.”

He quit smoking after that, he said.

Several mediums were at the festival while other people offered hypnotherapy, massages and Tarot card readings. About 30 vendors in all filled the community center.

A pet therapist explained that she could help owners better connect with their pets.

“It’s all about vibrations and what you pick up from them,” said Kathryn Drage, an animal communicator. “Sometimes they don’t know why their animal is behaving a certain way. When I look at their energy field, sometimes it will show me that it’s their diet. Sometimes it will show me a mirror, and the cat or dog is mirroring what is happening in their human’s lives.”

Drage said connecting with an animal and being able to communicate what the animal needs to the owner can make for a better relationship with the pets.

“There’s never a bad animal. There’s never a dumb animal. I’m a firm believer in that,” she said.

Another vendor dealt with healing energy through Reiki work.

Cynthia Taylor Clark runs Threads of Light. She uses her hands to feel a person’s energy, she said.

“Their minds are so full. I can really feel it tingly,” she said. “I’m just asking them anything that they’re holding — fear, emotions — and I help release some of that in a gentle way.”

A few vendors sold products aimed at people seeking spirituality.

Ellie Daniels, owner of The Green Store in Belfast, said the event attracted people with similar interests.

“It pulls together a group of progressive people who are interested in spirituality in the broad sense of things,” said Daniels. “They have an appreciation for environmental products like candle and aroma therapy, healthy kinds of water bottles and handmade creams and soaps.”

The next Healing Arts and Psychic Festival will be at the University of Maine Hutchinson Center in Belfast on Saturday, May 19.