FORT KENT, Maine — A Fort Kent man was charged with keeping a dangerous dog after his pit bulls reportedly attacked a local woman and her dog on Friday.

Police Chief Kenneth Michaud said on Monday that the incident happened just before 4:30 p.m. on Market Street.

Michaud said the victim was walking her small dog and had picked it up to carry it when the attack occurred.

According to Michaud, the dogs were owned by Dennis Jurson of Fort Kent. Michaud said the two pit bulls ran up and began jumping at the woman and trying to grab her jacket. They knocked her to the ground and she fell on her dog.

A passer-by stopped to help and scared the dogs off, according to Michaud.

Jurson arrived on the scene a short time later and picked up the dogs, which had escaped from his home through a partially unlatched door, Michaud said Monday.

The victim took her dog to a veterinarian for treatment. Michaud said the dog had been bitten. The woman reportedly was not bitten but had saliva from the dogs all over her jacket.

Keeping a dangerous dog is a misdemeanor.