NEWBURGH, Maine — The tip couldn’t have come at a better time — or location — for Maine State Trooper Forrest Simpson because it led to the quick arrest of a motorist driving with a suspended license.

“A man asked me if a local man’s license was suspended and I told him I couldn’t give him that information, so he told me he thought this man was driving after suspension,” said Simpson.

As the concerned citizen was talking to Simpson on Tuesday, the man in question — Alan Dunton, 55, of Newburgh — happened to drive by Simpson on the North Road.

“We were standing there talking in the parking lot and he drove right by me around 3:15. I pulled him over 15 minutes later,” said Simpson, adding that Dunton drove a “very distinctive” Toyota Tundra pickup truck with a snowplow mounted on it.

“He gave me a license that expired in 2008,” Simpson added. “Once I verified his ID, I told him his license was suspended and he argued with me on that point. I then handcuffed him and took him into custody.”

As of 5:30 p.m., Dunton was incarcerated at the Penobscot County Jail and awaiting a bail hearing.

While processing Dunton, Simpson learned some other aspects about the case.

“He does have a history of OUI, and there’s a possibility there are two different licenses issued to the same person,” the trooper said. “We’re looking into that currently with the DMV [Maine Department of Motor Vehicles], and if that’s the case, there will be more charges forthcoming.”

Simpson said Dunton’s other identification also lists him as Alan, but with a different spelling, and they are both officially listed as living at the same address.

Simpson said Dunton has been charged with operating after suspension.

“At least for now, that’s what we’ve charged this Alan Dunton with,” Simpson said.