As I ponder my future outings, relevant to the highest gasoline prices ever in Maine, I was calmed by the appearance of a solitary male common goldeneye duck. He was swimming and diving for food in the Stillwater River just above the dam. I was able to stand on the bridge and photograph this guy, while my concerns about gas prices dissolved. There’s lots of interesting wildlife within walking distance from most of our abodes.

I’m not sure how you will see the attached photos, but there should be a series of the goldeneye duck looking at the camera, then a series of the dive in progress.

The Veazie railroad bed provided the opportunity to capture the image of the British soldier lichen. I’m going to try to discipline myself to carry and use a tripod. It would have helped on that photo.

A few more Aroostook County photos of a moose and snowshoe hare are also attached.

I hope you enjoy the nature that is close by.