Most everyone experiences dry or chapped lips, whether from a seasonal cold, being outside in the frigid weather, sun, wind or just from being inside with the heat on. Regardless of the cause, dry lips can be cured by any number of products, from heavily marketed, never-fail moisturizing salves to old-wives remedies, but if you ask 9-year-old Victoria Leavitt of Connor what she prefers, she most likely will say lip gloss, of course.

Leavitt, a fourth-grade student at the Connor School, recently decided it would be nice to share her unique yet sensible collection of lip gloss in a display case at the Caribou Public Library. So on March 2, right after school and assisted by her mother, Jill, and younger sister, Jessica, Victoria proceeded to organize her variety of lip gloss containers — all 192 of them.

“It all started on our 100th day of school, when students bring in 100 of something to share,” said the articulate 9-year-old. “I asked my Nana [Barbara Walker] what I could bring and she said, ‘why not take your lip gloss collection?’ Everyone at school was very excited about it and thought it was a very unique collection.”

As with most serious collectors, Leavitt separates her lip gloss into specific categories ranging from odd-shaped to very unusual, such as the mood gloss which changes colors depending on the user’s mood, one that resembles a snow globe, a glittery gumball, one that tastes like the Easter Peeps marshmallow treats, tubes that look like different types of soda and a fruity one that is a key chain to those that look like miniature Yankee Candle jars.

“Every time we go to the mall,” Leavit said, “my Mom or my Nana buys me a new lip gloss and sometimes I get them as gifts from my friends.”

Pointing out one in particular, she said, “That one was a gift from one of my friends during a pageant — it has a lot of good memories.”

Collecting the popular lip gloss for the past two years, Leavitt doesn’t just keep them to display — like all ladies she always has one handy and “I definitely use a different one everyday, it depends on what I’m wearing.”

The collection will be on display at the Caribou Public Library over the next two months.