Let’s talk about lunch. What are you having today? Not sure? Imagine going to the freezer and choosing from a variety of nutritious, delicious, ready-to-heat meals each day. No more eating the same thing for a week because the recipe makes so much. No more having a cold sandwich because it’s just easier than cooking.

Eastern Area Agency on Aging has a great new program that can change the way you eat and even the way you think about your meals. Now we are all familiar with frozen dinners and have probably eaten hundreds of them in our lifetimes. While they are convenient, they often leave much to be desired nutritionally. Check the labels. Typically you will find high sodium and high fat contents which kind of flies in the face of trying to be healthy.

We have a solution. EAAA has started a program, 3-D Catering, that provides the convenience of a frozen dinner but with much lower sodium and fat readings for most of the entrees than you’ll find on other frozen meals. There are about 60 different meals in rotation, each is delicious and well prepared but just as important each one is nutritionally sound. Every meal has been approved by a registered dietitian and meets a full one-third of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients.

Just look at the meals you could be eating: Tender turkey dinners with red-skinned mashed potatoes, succulent beef pot pie, juicy ham and creamy macaroni and cheese, roasted pork loin with rosemary cream sauce and roasted red-skinned potatoes, rich chicken Alfredo with penne pasta, savory meatloaf with tomato gravy and mashed potato and beef stew to name a few.

So if you’d love to have a full-course meal every day including dessert without having to prepare it yourself and you like the convenience of frozen meals but want to eat healthier food, 3-D Catering is for you.

We pride ourselves on the meals we serve and pay close attention to quality, both in taste and nutrition. Did you know that the latest nutritional guidelines have reduced the amount of sodium a person should have in a day to 2,300 mg, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture in its book, “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010.” Now, here’s the kicker. For adults aged 51 and older, the sodium requirement has been reduced to 1.500 mg.

I tell you this because it is important information to have but also because you may find these meals are not quite as seasoned as you’re used to, for instance, like in a restaurant meal. I did a little research and found that some restaurants meals have upwards of 3,500 mg of sodium. It’s scary out there.

Now, for the best part. You can purchase five meals, five desserts, five rolls, five pats of butter and a quart of milk for $20. You are reading that right. $20 has never gone so far.

There are absolutely no restrictions on who may purchase these meal packs. There are no age requirements and no income guidelines. All you need is a desire to have a good meal.

And aside from tasting good, they are feel good meals as well. This business supports Meals on Wheels. Every time you have a 3-D Catering lunch, you are helping a senior get lunch too.

If you would like to purchase a five-pack of delicious meals, call EAAA. The packs are not made to order but if you are allergic to fish, for example, we won’t send you fish. Our personal testers have loved all the varieties and we think you will too. Grab a 20 and give us a call.

Carol Higgins Taylor is director of communications at Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Email Higgins Taylor at chtaylor@eaaa.org. For information on EAAA, call 941-2865, toll-free 800-432-7812, email info@eaaa.org or visit http://www.EAAA.org. TTY 992-0150.