BANGOR, Maine — Less than two months after it opened, Diamonds, a gentleman’s club in downtown Bangor featuring female dancers, is facing eviction.

The club, located at 190 Harlow St., is behind on rent and other expenses, according to one of the building landlords, Thomas Brann.

“We are taking the club owners to court,” Brann said Tuesday morning. “We were in court [Monday] for the first hearing.”

Brann said the club’s owners owe him “a little over $34,000” in rent, taxes and heating oil, which the club is responsible for.

Diamonds consultant Jimmie Ellis, who was brought up from Alabama to oversee the theme and construction details for the club, said the club’s owners have filed a lawsuit against Brann due to a disagreement over the terms of the club’s lease.

“We have escrowed our rent rather than pay it to the landlord and the reason is because we’ve spent $80,000 in repairs to bring the building up to code and we’re challenging that amount as money owed to us,” Ellis said by phone from Mobile, Ala. “From our lease terms, it’s our perspective that money is owed back to us, so we’re going to wait and let a judge decide on that. Their reaction to our lawsuit was to serve us with an eviction notice.”

Jim Tower, the manager of Diamonds’ ownership group, Arayos LLC, referred questions to the club’s attorney, Charles Gilbert of Bangor, who was not immediately available for comment Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s a disagreement in the interpretation of the lease,” Tower said. “That’s all.”

Diamonds opened in late February, six months after Diva’s Gentleman’s Club, which occupied the same location, closed its doors.

“We’re very excited about where the club is and where it’s headed,” said Ellis. “Its projected growth levels are good now. Unfortunately, this is a snafu where we just couldn’t get it worked out between the two parties and we have to take some legal action.”

Diva’s was shut down after it was evicted for nonpayment of rent after an 18-month legal battle with Brann. Diva’s operated from 2008 through August 2011 at the Harlow Street location.

Bangor Daily News writer Dawn Gagnon contributed to this report.

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