There seems to be so much wildlife so close to civilization in Maine. I was photographing an American bald eagle in Hampden that seemed to be surrounded by crows. After I downloaded the image I noticed a pair of mallard ducks flying past in the background.

While waiting for Deb to return some items at Kohls, I heard a northern mockingbird singing, I think, about five different songs. It offered my best shot yet of a mockingbird.

Once again, the Essex Street Marsh, just a stone’s throw from the Bangor Mall area and the I-95 noise, provided a first time photo for me with the sighting of a solitary American wigeon. The Coltsfoot added a nice splash of color on an otherwise dreary day.

I’m unable to explain why a small flock of mostly male turkeys allowed me to get so close to them. I was able to stalk them through some fairly thick woods, get ahead of them, wait for them to come parading past my position, and shoot them with my Canon. Unusual behavior for turkeys … I think.

Opportunities like these, so close to town, amaze me every time. I hope everyone enjoys the Maine nature that’s so close to home!