PITTSFIELD, Maine — A raccoon with quills on its face was responsible for a lockdown of Manson Park School on Wednesday.

“A gentleman came in here to report there was a raccoon on Lancey Street. It acted aggressive towards him, so he knew something was wrong,” said Pittsfield police Sgt. Timothy Roussin.

Roussin said Pittsfield police Chief Steven Emery went to check on the raccoon, and it also acted aggressively toward him.

“The raccoon kind of came at him and he noticed the quills in its face from a porcupine,” said Roussin.

Because the raccoon was near the Manson Park School, police had the school go into lockdown to avoid contact with the critter.

“[The school is] full of a lot of little children. We had them do a lockdown just because the raccoon could go after them,” said Roussin.

Roussin said the raccoon was trapped under a barn early Wednesday afternoon. Police set a trap with food in it to get it out safely.

“We don’t know if it has rabies or not,” said Roussin. “Rabies is high among raccoons and skunks. We had a report of a skunk [that may have had rabies] last night and it got hit by a car. It was just acting strange.”