WATERVILLE, Maine — Police said Thursday that it is highly unlikely missing toddler Ayla Reynolds will be found alive but said the investigation and search will continue.

“We think it is highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive,” Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Stephen McCausland said at a Thursday afternoon press conference. “Nothing points in that direction.”

Ayla’s parents were notified Thursday for the first time that police believe it is unlikely she is still alive. Officials met Tuesday morning to review the case and made the determination, McCausland said.

Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, was thankful for the information, McCausland said. Ayla’s father was more reserved.

“His reaction was no reaction,” McCausland said.

Upon hearing that news on television Thursday afternoon, Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, as well as her parents and brother, erupted with emotion in Reynolds’ Portland apartment.

“I think my worst nightmare has come true,” Trista Reynolds said through tears. “I think what hurts the most is that I don’t even know where she’s at. I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, give her the most proper burial. I couldn’t even do that if I wanted to, because somebody has got her body somewhere, and nobody can tell me where.”

Trista Reynolds and her father, Ron Reynolds, renewed calls for the baby’s father, Justin DiPietro, from whose custody Ayla went missing in December, to tell police more about the night she disappeared. Police have said they believe DiPietro and his sister and girlfriend who were home that night know more than they’re telling investigators.

“Justin DiPietro is a coward and no father,” Trista Reynolds said. “A father would not allow this to happen to his child. A father would say something, would speak for his child. If he loved Ayla in any way, any way at all, he would speak for her. He would say what happened. He wouldn’t be the coward that he is right now.”

Ron Reynolds said DiPietro needs to find “the guts to get in my face and tell me where my granddaughter is.”

“We need closure for this family,” Ron Reynolds said. “We need to know where Ayla is, we need to bring her home, we need to let the authorities do their investigation, we need to have closure, and people need to pay.”

McCausland refused to elaborate on any new information in the case, saying that police have not charged anybody and that police continue to analyze objects found in several searches.

A group of local businesses that had set a $30,000 reward for information in the Ayla case also announced Thursday that the reward would expire June 30. McCausland said the end of that reward is not connected with any developments in the case.

McCausland continued to urge Ayla’s father, Justin DiPietro, to be more forthcoming with police.

“We think that he or the two others inside that home … may have more information that they just haven’t told us,” McCausland said.

McCausland would not say whether DiPietro, or anyone else, is or is not considered a suspect in Ayla’s disappearance. But McCausland did say that DiPietro is free to leave town. The investigation, which has gone on for more than five months and ranks as the largest missing-person probe in state history, has now garnered 1,127 leads, but those leads are now coming more slowly. He said a core of detectives from the Maine State Police remain assigned to the case.

“This case will remain open and active until we find her. Period,” said McCausland.

Ayla was 20 months old when she was reported missing on Dec. 17, 2011, by her father, Justin DiPietro, who said he and others at his home on Violette Avenue in Waterville discovered her gone that morning. Before that day, Ayla had lived primarily with her mother, Trista Reynolds of Portland, but was staying with her father because Reynolds had checked herself into a hospital to deal with substance abuse problems.

In January, investigators said they had ruled out the possibility that Ayla was abducted and said three adults who were in the home that night — DiPietro, his girlfriend Courtney Roberts and his sister, Alisha DiPietro — were not being forthcoming with investigators about what happened.

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesman Stephen McCausland has said throughout the investigation that no one has been ruled out as a suspect in the toddler’s disappearance. Though much of the police probe has been conducted in secrecy, there have been several public searches in the Waterville area, including dive teams inspecting the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream. Last month, investigators said they had discovered some items near the Hathaway Creative Center in Waterville — which had been the site of searches in previous months — that could be related to Ayla’s disappearance, but they would not say what the items were and have not discussed them since.

Also in January, investigators revealed that blood found in the basement of the DiPietro household belonged to Ayla, though they would not say how much blood was found or what it told them about her disappearance, if anything. McCausland has said that evidence in the case — including the blood and other items taken from the DiPietro home and elsewhere — is being analyzed by forensics experts at the Maine State Police Crime Laboratory in Augusta. McCausland has repeatedly declined to discuss the evidence in detail.

Early in the investigation, police conducted polygraph tests on DiPietro and Trista Reynolds. Though police have not discussed the results of those tests, DiPietro has said that he told the truth — that Ayla had been abducted. Reynolds told the Bangor Daily News in January that she was unable to complete the test because of what she described as a medical condition.

The case has attracted intense media attention in Maine and across the country, and several vigils and public events held on behalf of Ayla have had strong attendance. The case has also boiled over in other ways, including objects that were thrown through windows in the DiPietro household in February and an assault, also in February, involving Lance DiPietro, who is Ayla’s uncle.

Trista Reynolds, in an interview with the Bangor Daily News in January, said Ayla was just beginning to form words when she disappeared and was constantly trying to be the center of attention with her playful antics and outgoing personality.

“I used to tell her she was going to be mommy’s star, but this isn’t how I wanted her to become a star,” said Trista. “She’s got to come home. I can’t imagine the rest of my life without her.”

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.

203 replies on “Police say it is ‘highly unlikely Ayla Reynolds will be found alive,’ seek more information from father”

    1.  I have to agree that it is crappy… Everyone is so busy trying to accuse… Why not take a few moments and feel sorry for Aylas family who did love her and care about her with all their hearts.  Stop all the hatered and hope that someday this poor family can have peace… I am soooo sorry that this has happened to you Ayla.  I pray that God will give everyone the strength and courage they need to progress with their lives until the day it is time to meet again.  RIP little one!

  1. Thank you BDN, for posting the video feed.  If only the announcement was not so sad…RIP Ayla.

  2. Why the news conference ? To let the public know that nothing is new ?  
     Anyone pass the lie detector ?  I guess its a last ditch effort to sway someone for the 30K. Hoping that someone will step up.

  3. Really?  We needed a news conference to hear this epiphany?  As awful as this whole situation is- I have a hard time believing that anyone who was not in law enforcement hadn’t already come up with this very same terrible conclusion…….

  4. R.I.P. little one. Hopefully one day your killer will be brought to justice. I dont think they will ever determine whoo killed you, just who disposed of your body. Sad very sad.

  5. Obviously this entire conference was just a way of getting it out to anyone that has information, that they have until the end of June to collect.  They believe Ayla is deceased, which most of us have feared right along.  Justin’s girlfriend should come forward because she could use the money to pay lawyer fee’s when they finally bring a case against Justin…Its only a matter of time..Was definately hoping ot hear a lot more at this conference.

    1. Actually, it was helpful.  There are still people accusing Trista or her family of sneaking in and taking Ayla out of the house.  The police are pretty confident that Ayla died inside that house and that the kidnapping story was just a cover up.  They also believe it was foul play, meaning that someone in that house that night killed her.  They are putting pressure on the people in that house in hopes that one of them will tell the truth to save themselves.  I think they need to expand the search, though…and consider that she may have been missing for longer than when she was reported missing.

      1. You hit the nail on the head!  In an earlier report it was stated that no one (other than her dad) could account for her whereabouts for up to 2-3 weeks before she was reported missing.  If dad knew the day before DHHS was coming, he may have come up with the kidnap story because he knew she was already dead and gone… to cover his own butt.

        1. “In an earlier report it was stated that no one (other than her dad) could account for her whereabouts for up to 2-3 weeks before she was reported missing.”

          I’ll admit, I have not followed this story 100%, but I never recall that information EVER being reported.  Can you or anyone else cite a source or provide a link for that statement/report?

          1. It was reported somewhere, because I recall it as well.  None of the neighbors even knew that Ayla lived there and they never saw her.  Justin would not let Trista talk to or see Ayla for at least two weeks before he reported her missing and he cancelled important bone specialist appointments for her broken arm.  There is a timeline of events at a site run by Trista’s step father called Answers For Ayla.  There is another reputable blog called Justice For Ayla.  I don’t post at either but I do read them.  There is a lot of information there that has not been reported in the press, including things LE have told Trista and her family.

  6. Lessoned learned her folks.. watch your kids very closely.  I would not want my child missing in Maine.  Not at all impressed with the way this is handled. 

    1. I don’t have kids but I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want them missing anywhere. You’re comment is stupid. If you think it could be handled better than maybe you should be out doing something…


        2. It may not be CSI, but lets hope its not also COLD CASE, cause it is sure seeming that way.

    2. You cant really find a child who wasnt missing from the beginning, but disposed of like a bag of trash.

      1. Especially since they really don’t know what date she disappeared….There is a two window there from Trista talking to Ayla to Justin reporting her missing.

    3. Hmm, I’m not so sure. I think it’s being handled really well. These guys know what they’re doing, imho. Their investigation has a steadfast quality to it, with integrity to match. Remember who/what they’re dealing with: Stupid Is As Stupid Does. The truth WILL be found. Patience and carefully planned strategies are key components from now to the end of the reward period, June 30. 

      1. You can make an arrest without a body.  Casey Anthony was arrested before they found Caylee.   Haleigh Cummings down in Putman County florida, very similar  party at the house the night she went missing  no one was talking.  all three are in jail  and her body was never found.  It can be done. 

        1. Those in putnam county florida are in jail on drug convictions. Haliegh’s case still unsolved

    4. She’s not missing, she’s dead. And are you serious about your criticism? The ENTIRE state is looking for this kid, and America’s Most Wanted has profiled it! Very few people don’t know about this. Volunteers spent countless hours looking for this child in fields, backyards, etc. We can’t find her because she’s buried somewhere, and someone knows where that is

    5.  lesson here, know the man you sleep with, know if he is honest and will he treat his child as he or she deserves to be treated & loved?

    6. I get the point of your comment but Ayla was in her fathers care and he (and family) are most LIKELY the ones to blame for her disappearance so not really a matter of learned lessons when she was supposed to be with the one who would never harm her. I totally agree that I am not impressed on how this is being handled but also we dont know all of what the detectives know either, may be handled better then we think. I hope Ayla is found one way or another I just couldnt imagine not knowing.

  7. I think that most of us realized from the first week that Ayla was not missing, she was dead. Remember when decomposition fluid from Caylee Anthony was found in her mom’s trunk? Well, how many kids crawl into their mom’s trunk for a ride? Now, compare that to Ayla Reynolds. How many kids run down to a basement and start bleeding everywhere and the adults have “no idea” what happened. Please. I know the police don’t have enough info to make an arrest, but I really, really hope there is either a big change in their case or a big change in the consciences of the people who are very likely involved……

    1. You know, I think the part about the unexplained blood in the house has been the most baffling part of this whole case to me.  I know we don’t know how much blood was found.  However, I guarantee you that if anyone found my childrens’ blood in our house when they were little, I could have told you with a VERY good idea where it came from…a nose bleed, a cut finger, a cut toe.  Even if a small amount of blood, most parents KNOW when their 20-month-old child is BLEEDING!  No idea at all????  My buttocks!!!

  8. God , take this child in your hands with love . This world has met her with Evil . And no….. everything doesnt happen for a reason . God allows no child to be Murdered . Only Evil can take a beautiful child from us . God Bless u Ayla and Your Mother, and her child.
    I also pray that Justin can see it in his heart to tell what happend to beautiful Ayla . People panic and accidents happen . Which I do believe happend . Set yourself free and speak the truth .

  9. I say take as long as they need to have a rock solid case against whom ever did this crime. The second worst possible thing to happen would be for the person(s) responsible to walk due to lack of evidence.

    Be patient people…

      1. Casey Anthony was proof positive that a charasmatic Defense attorney and a stoic Prosecution is a bad bad combination, however i still believe that those jurors thought they could reap a huge payday by giving a contoversial outcome.  Everyone thought she was guilty, she knew she was guilty and yet the jury aquits her.  It backfired on the jury though because now those people live in constant fear and with the nighmares that they allowed a murderer to go free.  I dont believe that the people of Maine would do the same.

        1. Bad thing is though is that that entire case is almost a *guide* to these people who are heartless and coward enough to do it! The jury in Casey’s case just wanted to get it done and over with. That case still ticks me off

    1. Well said as I stated this also … Tick Tock Tick Tock….Hold on for $30,000 someone may talk …. Tick Tock

  10. I don’t think they said the father wasn’t a suspect… just that they weren’t commenting on that. 

  11. I just don’t get nowadays how the parents of these missing children run the show! They just decide they don’t want to talk and don’t want to cooperate–and they get away with it! What happened to separating the three people involved and just grilling them for hours and hours on end? I guarantee you one of them will break and will talk. Or offer one of them immunity. It would be worth having to let one go to get the other two, and to find Ayla’s remains so her mother and grandparents can have closure and give her the proper goodbye that cute little girl deserves :(

    1.  Actually in psychology we learned that under such duress people will tell you anything they think you want to hear, even if they are lying. Such grilling doesn’t really work.

      1. I actually have to disagree with you.  While i am sure studies have been done disproving this method, there are other studies proving the method.  I would be a case of agreeing to disagree.  I would even be in favor of torture methods in cases such as this to get the answers out of the people who the police have no doubt are involved.

        1. Infringing upon an individual’s basic rights and protections, such as those protecting against self incrimination in the 5th amendment, will never serve to enhance security, as the cheerleaders of these tactics continue to insist.  In fact, it is readily observed that interrogation tactics simply serve the ultimate injustice, when forced confessions place innocent people behind bars, while the true perpetrator continues to commit criminal acts upon the people of your community, your neighbors, and perhaps even your family.

    2. They are running out of opportunities to hold press conferences to tell us they have nothing new to tell us.  Today’s conference was about putting on the squeeze.  The fact that the reward now has an expiration date tells us all we need to know.  The cops are out of clues and they’re running out of time in the eyes of the public.  I expect this will be the last press conference they hold to tell us that they have nothing new.  Unless they can get someone to drop a dime on their suspect in exchange for $30K.  I would.

      1. Well said. This only enforces the decision to stay quiet. I think a larger reward is needed.
        This is also happening in the First Street homicide in Bangor. Nobody talks, Everyone Walks. There is probably going to be a reward in that case too, very soon.

    3. Lawyers, Dana. I agree with you, but once someone brings in a lawyer, they get protection from that type of questioning.

    4. The cops are waiting for the father to crack or make an accidental incriminating statement. They just upped the pressure.

    5. Oh, I agree – I think in summary, none of us can understand why the police can’t make these people talk. All we have heard is how the three people who were  in that house know something and are not talking – well, the course of action seems simple doesn’t it? Maybe this public statement that “we know who you are” by the police is part of their technique, if so, it is apparently not working. 

  12. damn, stay in orono…is this connie, heidi or dale?? we all know the verdicts in the cases you mentioned.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  13. Justin and his posse might think they’re getting away with something. But their days of breathing in freedom are winding down. Tick. Tock. The police wouldn’t make this press release if they weren’t about to drop the net over 3 heads. 

    1. I would hope to agree with you here and pray that is exactly what happens.  Regardless of which one of the three did this to this precious little girl, the other two are at the very least impeding and investigation and a slew of other charges including conspiracy.

    1.  I was bothered too by the TV news report of the “conference” I was expecting something new or actually breaking. But it was just more of the same news.  Both local and national news keeps saying “BREAKING NEWS” all the time and I’m at the point where it’s no longer a novelty or take it seriously.  In the old days Breaking News meant something NEW was actually happening at the moment. Unlike today in which you can “reword” the same report and call it breaking news : (  Chicken Little Much???

  14. After seeing how Trista reacted during the news conference, anyone that had any doubt before, should have little doubt now, that she has nothing to do with the disappearance of this little girl.  Without speculating too much, one would think there is a circumstantial case against Justin, being that he and the other two adults were the last to see Ayla, and there was blood known to be Ayla’s found in the bedroom.  I believe that a jury would convict on that alone.  Hearing that Justin had NO reaction to the thoughts that police investigators believe Ayla to be deceased, only proves to most of us that he has no feelings toward his little girl and is likey the reason for her disappearance.  If he did not do it, you would think that he would be turning on his girlfriend by now to save his own hide so that leads me to believe that it was him.  His girlfriend is rediculous to stay with him and to back up the lies.  Regardless whether they are ever able to pin this to Justin, all i can say to him is, I hope you have many nightmares over this, i hope you never have a good night’s sleep and i look forward to true justice and judgement being brought to you one day…that is something even you cannot hide from.

    1. Jeff I think the blood was said to be found in the basement,  not in a bedroom, even though Justin’s bedroom was in a part of the basement. But no matter where it was found it is significant that there was blood even though they never said how much. I am assuming too since they talked about blood evidence it was significant amount not just a skinned knee or cut lip. 

      1. According to the blog by Trista’s step father LE told Trista it was more than a cupful of Ayla’s blood.  There was also a report of blood splatter in the basement.

  15. i tel you there were three adluts in that house when that little child got taken not one of them her a thing i think there trying to prpotect somebody the state of maine needs to come down harder on these child killer god only knows what that child went through

  16. i am shocked that no one has done some harm to the so called father n those people so called people…. would like to call them monsters.
    it is a sad thing for such a young sweet angel and i hope shes in a better place then with her father. RIP baby doll

    1. Maybe because some people are rational and mature and won’t attack someone based solely on accusations.

      Not that you don’t sound biased or anything….

  17. trista this is one of your new friends i’m sorry for you i totally agree with you that justin should come clean remember someday you and your lovely daughter will be together again in heaven but dont do anything like too harm yourself until then if you would like too talk to me message me on facebook

  18. For Heaven’s sake, tell the family WHERE Ayla is! Tell them so she can be brought home, buried and grieved. This is ridiculous to keep that baby’s body hidden. It is cruel to keep her mother and other family members in the dark.  PLEASE, if any of you have a conscience, tell where she is.

  19. How in the name of God can anyone live  with themselves knowing what really happened to that innocent little girl.   And rest assured someone knows.  Horrible.

    1.  Unfortunately, the family set up the video… which I find to be very odd.  But, I could be wrong, someone could have filmed this from outside their window.

      1. She wouldn’t have a microphone if filmed from outside their window.  I agree with the odd assessment.

        1. No matter how many times a mother hears her child is most likely dead the pain must cut like a knife to the heart. She has known since the beginning the most likely outcome was just this and still it is hard to believe because her remains are missing. I don’t think this was set up just an emtinal reaction of a family in emotional turmoil and unimaginable grief. Just my speculation.

      2. They probably agreed to the taping yesterday, before they knew what was going to be said.  They didn’t tell Trista what they were going to say until around noon today.

      3. No matter how many times a mother hears her child is most likely dead the pain must cut like a knife to the heart. She has known since the beginning the most likely outcome was just this and still it is hard to believe because her remains are missing. I don’t think this was set up just an emtinal reaction of a family in emotional turmoil and unimaginable grief. 

  20. How can someone film and share such a video. I couldn’t make it through it.  It’s too painful.  Give this family some privacy and respect.  Truly disgusting of you to share this video. 

    1. Obviously the family invited and/or allowed them in to film it.  If you had made it to the end you would have seen Trista taking off a microphone.  Those two items make it quite clear this family wasn’t looking for privacy.

      1.  That’s a good point.  My only hope is that whoever knows what happened to Ayla, saw the video and might have a better understanding of the pain they have caused and may feel they can confess.

      2. I think they want to bring closure and they didn’t know what was coming out at the news conference.  Don’t kick a dog when they’re down.  She and her family want to know when Ayla is.  Period.  She’s not trying out for American Idol.  Leave her alone.  

        1. I am sorry if you thought I was kicking a down dog, as that wasn’t at all my intention.  I was just giving my opinion to the person who made the point that the video shouldn’t have been shared.  To your point about not knowing what was coming out at the press conference, the State Police Spokesman very clearly stated that each parent was contacted and told prior to the conference.  I am not attacking her, so I don’t understand the leave her alone comment. 

          1. They were only contacted a little over an hour before the news conference.  Trista most likely agreed to the news crew being there before she was told what would be said.

      3. It sounded like a cell phone was ringing, then she got up and ripped of her microphone.  

  21. “Daddy” needs to be just flat out accused period. Sure maybe the police can’t say words like “We know you know what happened to her” He needs to stop being asked to come out Drag his butt out of his hiding hole and point the finger at him, get that direct pressure applied to him, I will tell you not many people can sit around silent if they had enough people accusing them of a crime. Stop being nice, don’t call him out…drag him out!

  22. Does anyone know if the DHS has stepped in regarding the children of the other parents in that home that night?  I think if these kids were taken from their mothers someone would be singing real quick.  I feel these other children could be at danger as well.

    1. Maybe we should all call tomorrow, and let DHS know that we feel the children are in danger! It only takes 3 calls on the same subject, and they HAVE to show up! how about 300 calls!!!!!

      1. Wrong, it took 29 calls on one person who abused her son.  Let me repeat that 29 calls and dhs finally got involved and moved the son with bruises all over him

    2. Good point.  I remember some of the first pictures with these “girls” swinging kids on their hips.  Take their kids and see if they sing.  

        1. Well, if they don’t start talking their kids will end up in foster care and adopted out because they will be going to prison for murder.  Not only do they have no concern for Ayla…they don’t even love their own children enough to do the right thing so they can raise them.

    3. No, I do not believe so. As far as I have read- Gabby and Ayden are still living with their mothers and they are still in contact with Justin.  Rumors are that Justin moved to Portland for a little while, but people in Waterville have seen him back there the past week or so.

    4. In all sincerity, I feel that the “father” probably played a huge role in her disappearance.  As far as the girlfriend and sister…. there is not enough “evidence” to arrest anyone;  period.  Feelings are invalid in convictions and DHS can’t take a child based on feelings either.  Someone said it best earlier; be patient and let the police ascertain what evidence can prove and arrest those whom need to be arrested, rather than have another Casey Anthony.  THere’ve been a few too many as it is.

  23. That is the most heartbreaking video I have seen. I know the detectives will not take a break from this case! They are going to make sure they have a solid case against the people who harmed this precious baby!

  24. There are 3 reasons why she would do it.  First, because whenever Trista goes on video and calls out Justin he can’t seem to refrain from responding.  She is trying to get him to tell her where Ayla’s body is so she can bury her and get closure.  Second, some fools are still trying to blame her, saying she doesn’t cry enough, etc.  She has always put everything right out there and has nothing to hide…same can’t be said for the father.  Lastly…it keeps people talking about Ayla and maybe if one of those other mothers in that house that night sees her torment they might just gain a conscience and come forward.

        1. The press conference was already getting it attention yesterday.  No need for the academy award winning performance.

          1. Trista doesn’t care what people like you say as long as she is doing everything she can to keep her little girl’s name in the news so she will be found and brought home for a proper burial.

    1. justin looked so sketchy in that interview he did for the today show, like he had been all drugged out on dust or something.. real pale, just sketchy.

  25. If Trista’s family was already notified of all this, why did they have people filming their reactions? I don’t get it.

    In any case, I wish the DiPietros would start talking. UGH.

    1. My guess would be that they agreed to the filming yesterday when it was announced there would be a news conference.  Trista wasn’t called until an hour or so before the news conference, so she didn’t know what would be said until the last minute.

    2. News, good or bad, is a little different when it’s being announced to the world vs. to you privately.  

  26. Am I the only person having a hard time not wanting to exact revenge on the perp? Whoever that, ahem, might be? What kind of soul-less monster lives with this on their conscience and does not come clean?

  27. Seriously? They are acting like they have not heard any news about what is going to be said in the news conference, and when the statement about her “highly unlikely to not be found alive”  they have a melt down? Then later on you can clearly hear the detective say that they notified both parents before the announcement so they knew before anybody else? They are all sitting there like they are watching American Idol finally and not knowing what the ending is going to be, when in reality they already knew. I would think that after all the trauma of loosing your baby daughter, and not knowing what or where she is the absolutly last thing you would want to do is have yourself taped watching the news report, that you already knew what was going to be said and acting like you didn’t. Strange?        

    1. What I find strange is that people such as yourself are STILL being critical of this poor mother even after the police have practically came right out and said that Ayla was killed in her father’s home by one of the three people in the home and that they are lying.  Leave the mother and her family alone.

      1. Really? That’s what you find strange? And I don’t think that the Police have said that she has been “killed”. When you put footage of yourself out there for everyone to see and judge , you are opening yourself up for criticism, of every type.  

        1. Today the police said:

          Ayla did NOT leave the house on her own.
          Ayla was NOT abducted.
          Foul play was involved. (foul play. noun. 1. any treacherous or unfair dealing, especially involving murder)
          The 3 adults in the house are NOT telling all they know.

          Put that all together…Ayla was removed from the house by one of the people who were there after she was killed.  If it were an accident they would have called 911.  But hey, her blood in the basement and the life insurance policy taken out on her mean nothing to people like you who keep criticizing the ones in her family who actually love her.  Her father and his family don’t give a darn about that precious baby and I pray the other children get taken and put with good families who don’t kill and throw away kids.

          1. I have to assume that you are one of those holier than thou religious types that immediately passes judgment on anyone who doesn’t agree with their views. And I get this from reading all of your other posts stating that the children of the mothers need to be removed and put with good families that can raise them. Do  you really feel that, that is the answer to this situation? With no hard evidence to convict anyone of anything, you are already taking innocent children out of homes? God I hope you aren’t in any position of authority. I have not said that I feel that Justin or anyone is innocent or guilty because I still beleive in this countries judicial system. I believe that the police have more evidence than they are telling us and that they are building a rock solid case to make sure that there is a conviction. But I am not passing judgment on anyone, unlike yourself. I just stated that Tristin is and has acted very strange throughout this entire situation. If it was my daughter who this happened to I would not want to be in front of cameras all the time, I would want some privacy because I would be tormented by not knowing what happened. it seems ti me that all of a sudden, with the police stating that they don’t believe that Ayla will be found alive, Tristin is convinced that she is dead. What ever happened to Belief? What ever happened to Hope? I wouldn’t give up until her body was found or she was returned to me. She gave up immediately. The end result is that a poor innocent girl is missing and foul play was obviously involved. Point the finger to whomever you want to, she is still missing.       

          2. I have never heard Trista come out and say that she has given up all hope! She has admitted that she is losing hope, but I still see hope in her statements.  One one hand, I wish people would leave Trista alone, but on the other, I know that every bit of attention, good or bad, is making people talk.  The more people talk, the more people know that Ayla still needs to be found (dead or alive). If Trista did not get in front of the camera today, we would be reading all the same article about the news conference and people would lose interest fast. Instead we are talking about it, debating Trista’s reactions, and maybe one more person will think to search their property or their camp.. Anyhow, I believe that Trista will continue to get in front of the camera’s until Ayla is found. Makes you wonder tho- where is Courtney and Justin?

          3. I am actually in favor of trying to keep families together whenever possible, not that it’s relevant in this situation.  Ayla’s mother reported bruises, broken arm, pulled leg muscles…even doctors reported suspected abuse…but no actions were taken and now Ayla is gone.  That home is not safe, as has been established.  If those mothers loved their children they would be cooperating with the police 100% in every way they could in order to protect their own children and ensure they are not taken from them.  But they are NOT doing that.  They are both unfit for that reason.

          4. I agree that, the home is not safe. But with that being said she was left there by her mother and after all like you said, she reported bruises, broken arm, pulled leg muscles etc. Was that really the best decision for Ayla? If the mother needed to admit herself into treatment for drugs, was she really in the best place to make that decision? Sounds to me like DHS should have taken her away from both of them and maybe they should be looking at the other child?

          5. Again- I disagree. Bare with me while I share my 2 cents-   Trista only left Ayla in Justin’s care after her many, many calls to DHHS went unanswered and she felt that there was nothing left she could do.  http://www.answersforayla.com.  She gave Justin the benefit of the doubt- but mostly knew that until she was fully back on her feet that she may not have been successful in court either. It wasn’t until her fears and that doubt was confirmed with missed doctors appointments, the broken arm and Justin not letting Trista see Ayla nor talk to her on the phone that she filed papers with the court.  By that time, it was too late- the next day- Ayla was gone.  Trista has admitted her faults. She knows that she will be critized by the public, yet she does not lie. Like many of us, Trista has made mistakes, but no one, no matter how she acts in front of the camera should have to go through this.  No matter what those mistakes were, she has an alibi and LE are looking at 3 people for Ayla’s disappearance and Trista is neither of the 3. I honestly think that Trista’s faults are not important in this case.  IMO

          6. She was NOT left there by her mother.  Her mother left Ayla with her sister and mother.  Justin TOOK Ayla, got life insurance on her, bruised her up, damaged her leg muscle, broke her arm and then most likely killed her…all in a matter of two months.  Trista begged and pleaded with DHHS to investigate but they didn’t do anything.  Had they done their job with all the reports and taken that baby out of that home she would still be with her mother, where she belongs.

    2. It’s sad that people like you are criticizing their reaction.   I don’t think one could ever fully enderstand how this family is feeling until they’ve experienced something similar firsthand, but to me there is a difference between someone telling you privately and someone announcing it to the world. 

      Have some compassion.

      1. The only person I have compassion for in this case is Ayla. Why should I care how the parents are feeling right now? I don’t know either of them. The only victim here is Ayla. She married him, had babies with him, couldn’t control her drug abuse, he can’t seem to control himself. Compassion? How about anger about a little girl who is missing and two parents who shouldn’t be having babies if they can’t take care of themselves? I don’t care about their feelings. My compassion is with Ayla.

        1. Nearly everything you wrote in this post is false.

          1. Trista did not marry Justin.
          2. She had ONE child with him and he didn’t want anything to do with Ayla until shortly before he took her, took out life insurance on her and probably killed her.  He was even ordered to give Ayla back but wouldn’t.  DHHS would not go take her and give her back to her mother despite evidence of abuse.
          3. Trista had an alcohol problem and went to rehab to quit.  Her sister had Ayla and Justin took Ayla, the child he never wanted, took out life insurance on her and we know the rest.

          You shouldn’t be commenting in the fashion you are when you clearly don’t even know the actual facts.

          1. I may not be correct on everything I said but you might want to be careful when making statements like “KILLED HER”. I might be wrong but you are making statements that are incriminating and slanderous.                      

    3. With all due respect, I do not agree with you RedSox- I knew too what LE was going to say before watching the vedio and I started crying as soon as they said it too.  You can tell that Trista knows what they are about to say, and when they say it out loud, it hits her again.  I bet if she watched it again- right now, she’d have the same reaction. They are publically stating on national TV that it is VERY unlikely that we will ever find Ayla alive. Can you honestly tell me that you could watch this about your own child and not be affected?

      1. I appreciate your comment but I can honestly say that if I was going through this, which I pray that I never will be, that the last thing I would want is to be taped for everyone to see. My reaction would be private. I am not saying that she is guilty for doing so, I am just stating that I find her reaction to news that she already knew strange. That being said everyone reacts different in stressful situations. It’s a tragic event and I pray for Ayla wherever she is, hopefully she is on a warm sunny beach in the Bahamas playing in the sand. Any other outcome is unacceptable. 

    4. the video of the reaction may have very well been set up by the police to show Justin what its supposed to look like when youre sad that your child is dead. Perhaps the conference today was another tactic to give Justin his GF and Sis an idea that things are drawing to a close and their time is almost up maybe scare ONE of them into telling ???? Just playing devils advocate…..

    5. When my brother passed, the wake and funeral took three days.  I can tell you that every single day we were at Brookings and Smith we fell apart.  I can tell you that for years and years after that when I hear particular songs, see certain sports or go into my memory box and read his old sports articles, the same thing happens.  Unless you have lost someone very close, mom, dad, brother, sister, or child, you would have no idea how they could, would, or even should, react.  The comments you made were not only uncaring and rude, but comparing the loss of a child to American Idol, is well heartless…you truly should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Actually , not that I care if you know this or not , but I lost my mom to a 2 year battle with cancer, where I watched her slowly die. She actually passed away 2 days after my first son was born. I myself have had my battles with a child with bruises and scratches and bumps on heads after coming back from my ex wifes house. I called DHS and made sure that it was taken care of on my own. So you can take you self righteous  crap and shove it. My only thoughts and prayers are with wherever Ayla is.  

  28.  Even having been told in advance, it may not have sunk it until it was officially announced in the press conference. You don’t know what she’s feeling right now. Nobody does, unless they’ve been in her shoes.

    1. Jenni, ty for defending the mom.  The mom is taking this hard right now and will continue too. 

  29.  “His reaction was no reaction,” McCausland said.

    That says it all right there.

  30. Thinking it is one thing…… to hear those words spoken out loud…. it’s heartbreaking….

  31. How could you even call him a father. Just think of the hrs that the law enforcement  have spent trying to find Ayla and he has the answers to the puzzle. I think the police now more and are just saying enough to get the father to talk.

  32. I just hope  to God that IF this little girl is legally declared deceased that Justin won’t get his insurance money….

  33. This article states “DiPietro has said he told the truth” in regard to the lie detector.  On YOUR LINK however the quote is:DiPietro told the Morning Sentinel that he doesn’t know how he did on the polygraph test while police say they told him the results.
    WTF People??

  34. The video is just heartbreaking…..The DiPietro household knows something, 
    DiPietro needs to put on his big boy pants and come clean with the truth! Put an end to this so the  Reynolds family can have closure.

  35. Obviously your a supporter of Justin, good luck with that…You are in the definate minority

    1. I support no one in this sad case as it’s not really my place to do so, but just because someone is in the minority does not mean they are wrong (or right).

  36. Judgemental Much?  She found out an hour before it aired…I’m sure hearing it out on t.v. made it even more real to her…When you lose a child then perhaps you can become the judge of how others handle this horrible ordeal — but I’m sure if in this situation you wouldn’t give a s#it what people think…as I’m sure Trista isn’t giving your ignorant comment a second thought.

    1. I feel bad for everyone involved, but I don’t understand why they taped the mother’s response to the breaking news, especially if she already knew what they were going to say?  It just strikes me as odd.

  37. if Stephen McCausland said that he already spoke with the parents before delivering the news to the public why did they act so shocked on video?  very confusing. 

    i don’t think these folks had anything to do with the disapperance but with that said i know i wouldnt let someone film me for my reaction to such news. 

    what an awful story this is.

  38. Are you kidding me??  LE could come right out and say Justin did it and he did it alone, and some people would still say that Trista is guilty somehow…

  39. RIP Baby girl ……   weather they answer for it here on earth your killer will face judgement one day and when they do they will wish they had done things differently ….   fly high with the angels …. 

  40. Really dasme9?  What is she doing that you call HIGHLY suspicious?  I haven’t seen that at all.

  41. RIP Baby girl ….     weather or not they answer for it here on Earth your killer will face judgement one day …..   fly with the angels little one

  42. Again , Let Ayla be in the Loving hands of the LORD . Let Trista absorbe this Painful news . And Pray for Justin to speak for little Ayla . Its that simple .  BUT I believe with all my heart…If police found Blood of Ayla’s at Dads in the basement of any significant amount . And Justin or his Guests have no explaination . CHARGE Them all til’ someone Cracks !!

  43. Gotta love the printed press, or the press in general.  First of all the press stated that Trista and her family first heard of the possible demise of Ayla, (per the Waterville, ME police), via the televison like everyone else.  Yet as it is plainly heard during the taped statement by the Police Department both parents were informed BEFOREHAND of their intended  statement BEFORE going live on air.  My question is….why is Trista and her family acting so overly mortified by the television broadcast as if they where hearing the news for the first time?  They were already notified BEFOREHAND.  Gotta love ratings…and I’m sure that the Reynolds were paid some money for their false reactions.  There is no way IN HELL that a family would first hear of a Police Departments’ expected comments on a missing childs case via television broadcast BEFORE speaking with a parent or family member.  And by the way, you gotta love how Trista is wearing a button, which has a picture of her daughter’s face, clipped ever so, (trashy), at her cleavage.

    1. Maybe so .but one can see that the family was in distress before. Holding all the emotions in. with the announcement lost it. Even though they were already informed. Tell me . Have you never been in a situation when you held your feeling at bay, than met /heard something that broke down the your guard .seems like to some this young mother can do no right. Well until you walk in her shoes. Than and only than will our opinions’ count. Also REMEMBER where /who Ayla

  44. To the Reynolds family the entire state feels your undying pain in the loss of your beautiful Ayla. Yes I agree Trista that Justin is not a father and is a coward but so too are his sister, girlfriend and whoever else is involved are also cowards. If Justin did hurt Ayla then I wonder how these women will feel when he hurts their children. If a man can harm his own child then he certainly can harm others with no remorse. I understand that to arrest someone takes a lot of certain evidence as no one wants anyone to get away with this crime so be patient all as the time will arrive and those involved will get theirs when the time is right. I would be scared of going to jail as those hard cores don’t like baby killers and the pain they will feel from them will show them what that poor baby went through. Still believe Ayla’s broken arm was just a slip and fall accident? Still believe that blood found in the basement doesn’t mean a crime has been committed? Still believe Justin and his motley crew are innocent? Think that Ayla will ever be found? Well I am sure we can all speculate on the answers but someone knows the truth and answer to every one of these questions and needs to step up and be an adult and a “HERO” for Ayla. Think about it if you know Justin and crew and if you trust they would not hurt anyone again well think again and tell what you know. It is time to feel for Ayla and crush the scum that hurt her and make them pay for their deed and clear your conscience in the mean time. After all girls, if you don’t talk soon you too may not like the living accommodations at the ME State Prison. Save yourselves, save your children and for God’s sake save the soul of Ayla and bring her home to a proper burial and closure though this will never be closed as the pain will linger forever. You are better off telling the truth than someone finding out and maybe harming you and/or your child so you feel the pain of loss also. Gotta a conscience? We shall see. I dare you to tell the truth……,

  45. I know i do not know you Trista, but i want to tell you how sorry i am. No person should have to go through this. I am still hoping for the best.

    I HOPE everything works out for the best

  46. I still think Trista knows more than she’s saying also, she has learned to sob in front of the camera, not very well at that. nice dress Trista. 

    1. How many new names ending in the number 56 are you going to make to bash the mother?

  47. Does anyone believe that a person is INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY?  Iam not saying the father didn’t have something to do with it.. but damn everyone once to judge him without him being found guilty or better yet even charged with a crime. he took a lie dector test and it sounds like he passed while the mom had a “medical condition” that wouldn’t allow her to finish it, seems sketchy.. Dads love thier children just as much as mother do.  Unless the father and the others are refusing to answer question, what more information do the police want from him?

    1. The police have come right out and said that Justin, Elisha and Courtney are NOT telling the police everything they know.  Those three were in the house the night THEY say Ayla went missing.  The police have said Ayla did NOT leave the house on her own.  The police have said that Ayla was NOT abducted from the house.  The police have said Ayla is not going to be found alive.  The police have said foul play occurred in the home.  So clearly that baby was killed by someone in that home.  Since Ayla’s blood was found in her father’s bedroom that points to him.  Since Ayla was not in the home then one or more of those three people moved her body from the home and hid it and know where she is.  He didn’t pass the lie detector test.  If he did he would say I passed it.  All he has said is that he told the truth.  He has been evasive.  It has been said that there was blood splatter in the basement and that when he was shown the photo of it he stormed out of the police station. Do a search for Answers For Ayla and Justice For Ayla…there is much more information about the case there.

      1. I agree that some of the evidence looks like one of the three people or all at the home that night were involved.. but they are still innocent until the court of law proves that they are guilty of something. Maybe they are being truthfull and the police just don’t like the answers they are getting becaue they don’t fit what “they think happend”.. Either way all of this nonsense about callin gout Justin Elisha and Courtney to do the right thing and step up and tell the truth is BS.. If the poice had the evidence to charge them with something then they would, if they are still collection evidence then they don’t know for sure or cant prove  it.. and thus these three should be left alone until the truth comes out.. No one finds it odd the at the mother has a medical condition that doesn’t allow her to tell the truth.

        1. Some medical conditions cause a fluctuation in the physiological responses in the body and will cause a polygraph to not be able to be accurate.  During the screening process it was discovered that the mother had such a condition and they tester ended the test.  The mother offered to do it at a later time but LE told her that they didn’t need her to.  

  48. It doesn’t take rocket science to know the child was dead from day one, IMO. Come on — let’s roll!!

  49. Inncocent till prove guilty is a ignorant statement? I don’t think it is, matter of fact I think its a very non ignorant statement and it is used to be the way our judicial system worked. but now we have clowns like you nanato3, who think everyone is quilty just cause someone else says they are.. and I have never heard that the father failed the lie dector test, I think he is under the impression that he passed it, and its a fact that mom couldn’t take it or finish it because of some “medical condition”.. I didn’t know telling the truth can be avoided by a medical condition.. Hope you don’t have kids nanato3 or at least I hope they are nothing like you and give people a fair chance in life..

  50. This beautiful, precious, innocent angel is gone & the person(s) who know what happened to her are able to go on with their life  & not give any signs to their family, friends that they are “the one,”     it is truly scary that someone so cruel, with no heart & soul walks free among us.    

  51. “His reaction was no reaction,” McCausland said.
    Watching this on the BDN’s live feed – extraordinary – a reporter followed up asking McCausland to explain, or say more, if he could,  about  Dustin DiPietro’s response.

    “Why don’t you ask him?” the state police spokesman, said.

    I Liked that.  So far, the man at the center of this mystery has somehow managed to escape – or dodge – the press.  

    Isn’t it time DiPietro’s doorbell rang incessantly, along with knocks on the door, and the press following him wherever he goes?  How about his girlfriend and his sister?  Also, the grandmother, who had trouble relating where she was? 

    So far, all we’ve heard that he is non-cooperative.  But who is he? Where does he work?  What about his girlfriend?  What does she do?  His sister?  Do they just hang around the house all day?   Surely they must be doing something, other than staying in the shadows? All three must have a story to tell.  They might say something – just might.  Constant pressure by the press could open the door to these exclusive people.

    1. great idea…. keep hounding them till one of ’em slips up!  Their house should have been bugged as soon as a bunch of blood was discovered…

  52. They said Trista had tears…I watched the news story on tv…I saw no tears come down her face…not one…I heard the cry…but saw no tears. Just sayin….I thought that very odd. 

  53. If a person thinks they could get away with a crime (allegedly) why would they confess to it just because people think they should?

  54. my hart gose to the mother and HER family i know what it is like to not know where your child is i hope and pray that the father and the grilfriend and the sister come clean please tell the mother where Ayla is people who take a life there the COWARDS and have it be done to a helpless baby ur a sick and a cold harted person it my book god help you when KARMA COMES AROUND i am praying that the mother and her family are ok

  55. I really wish people would stop blaming the mother. That being said as a grandmother of seven girls if I knew 3 people under my roof were involved in harming any of them the police would be arresting me. The grandma should kick them all to the curb maybe then one of them would talk.

  56. Was the idea that she could have been transported out of the area ever discussed .
    I had a gut feeling in the beginning that maybe she never reached her Dad’s house, that he had a plan to have them intervened and the rest was staged at the premises??? This way no one could ever find a clue shy of confession.
    My best to her family.

    1. Then why was more than cup of Ayla’s blood and splatter found in the basement of her father’s home?

      1. Where did you read that it was more than a cup?  I haven’t heard any law enforcement interviews confirm that but am interested to hear.

        1. That’s what Trista was told by LE.  They told her that she can comment on anything they tell her publicly but that they will not confirm publicly.  Google search Answers For Ayla and Justice For Ayla…they are blogs.  Answers For Ayla is run by Trista’s step father and Justice For Ayla is a blog that is in touch with the maternal family.  There is A LOT of information on those sites that can be learned that has not been released to the media.  

      2. Oh I didn’t know that hon I was just curious. I haven’t followed the story…thanks for the insight. ‘ Terrible thing. You take care.

  57. Reading some of these posts leads me to believe that far too many people watch CSI and assume that it is realistic of the investigative process.  Good grief people.

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