Three Millinocket residents were in serious condition at a Bangor hospital Wednesday after they were hurt in an accident on Golden Road. They might have been stranded there for several hours, a Piscataquis County Sheriff’s Office investigator said.

Neal Hallifax, 38, James Flanders, 48, and Valerie Carr, 44, suffered facial cuts, bruises and possible internal injuries when the 1994 Ford Ranger they were in hit a tree while traveling eastbound, said investigator James Kane.

The three were treated at Millinocket Regional Hospital and transferred to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, where they remained in serious condition, said Joel Crabtree, a hospital spokesman.

Exactly when the accident occurred was among the questions Kane was working to answer Wednesday. Maine State Police in Orono transferred the call to his department at about 4 a.m. Wednesday. He said that at this point the accident appears to have occurred sometime between 7 p.m. Tuesday and 3 a.m. Wednesday, probably closer to 3 a.m., Kane said.

“Valerie [Carr] thought she was there for five or six hours, but I don’t know,” Kane said Wednesday.

A passer-by took the three to Millinocket Regional Hospital after Hallifax left the accident scene to get help and ran to a nearby campground, Kane said. Another passerby also called 911 from a store in the Abol Bridge area in Millinocket.

The truck was partly sticking out onto the road, leading Kane to suspect that the accident hadn’t happened too long before the three got help, he said.

It did not appear that the three were wearing seat belts, Kane said.

One of Maine’s longest roads into the north woods, Golden Road runs from Millinocket northwest into Canada near Saint-Zacharie, Quebec.

Kane’s investigation continues.