CONCORD, N.H. — For the second time in four days, Gov. John Lynch vetoed legislation that would award business tax credits to companies supporting scholarships for students to attend private or religious schools.
The bill ( HB 1607) was identical to one (SB 372) Lynch vetoed Monday.
Currently nine states offer these tax credits. This bill offers business owners an 85 percent tax credit and the scholarships to parents of these students would average $2,500.
“I strongly believe that any tax credit program enacted by the legislature must not weaken our public school system in New Hampshire or downshift additional costs onto local communities or taxpayers,” Lynch wrote.
Legislative leaders in the House of Representatives and state Senate are looking to have the votes necessary to override this veto when they take it up next Wednesday.
Lynch vetoed another measure (SB 356) regarding any state constitutional convention called to support changes to the federal Constitution.
Such a convention here is not imminent and Lynch took issue with a portion of the bill that would define as a crime actions by a delegate who violated a new, proposed oath.
“And even then, I would hope, New Hampshire would act with caution before applying potential criminal penalties to duly appointed or elected delegates,” Lynch said.

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