HERMON, Maine — Though some Dysart’s patrons knew ahead of time they might wind up on national TV, some of them didn’t know at all, as they walked into the Hermon eatery and truck stop to dig into dinner.

A camera crew from the Travel Channel was on hand Tuesday to record on video an array of dishes at the iconic Bangor-area restaurant, focusing mostly on its pot roast, lobster rolls and blueberry pie. The video will end up as part of an episode of “Food Paradise,” a series that features American food and restaurants in themed episodes, such as ice cream and barbecue.

“It’s great for the restaurant. It’s good publicity for our small part of the world,” said Kristie Buchanan of Hampden, who arrived at Dysart’s to support her boyfriend, chef Shaun Yazbeck. “I eat their grilled haddock and salad a lot. Sometimes I get pot roast.”

According to “Food Paradise” associate producer Julie Laplaca, the Los Angeles team for the show identified Dysart’s as a must-go location, and the crew was sent out to get footage of kitchen staff making pot roast, blueberry pie and lobster rolls.

“About six months ago they called us up and said they wanted to film our pot roast. I said ‘Hmm, OK,’” said Judy Knight, manager of Dysart’s. “Then they said later they wanted to do blueberry pie and lobster rolls, too. I thought ‘Good, how can you come to Dysart’s and not have pie?’”

John Reno of Bath came to Bangor with family and friends to go to Hollywood Casino and then have dinner. He didn’t win any money at the slots, but he did get more than he bargained for when “Food Paradise” camera crew members interviewed him.

“We didn’t make any money, so we came to get something to eat. We didn’t know we were going to end up on camera,” said Reno, who said he came to Dysart’s regularly when he drove a truck years ago. “I’m bashful, but they got me.”

“Food Paradise” will debut its fourth season later this year; it’s not known yet which episode Dysart’s will appear on. In past seasons, there have been episodes such as “Bacon Paradise,” which featured bacon-centric dishes from across the country, and episodes on all-you-can-eat restaurants, as well.

“It’s been a very exciting day. I’ve never seen anything quite like it here,” said Knight. “They’ve been very professional. We’re just thrilled to get a chance to get Dysart’s out there.”

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Emily Burnham

Emily Burnham is a Maine native and proud Bangorian, covering business, the arts, restaurants and the culture and history of the Bangor region.