HAMPDEN, Maine — A local motorcyclist and a deer apparently both escaped serious injury Thursday when they collided on Main Road North, which is part of U.S. Route 1.

The accident happened shortly before 5 p.m. near 201 Main Road North when a deer ran into the road — and into a motorcycle being driven by Hampden resident Jason Richard, 38, Hampden police Officer Joshua Gunn said Thursday evening.

Gunn said Richard was traveling north when the deer darted out of the woods, into the roadway and struck Richard and his motorcycle from the right.

“It happened so fast, he didn’t even see it until its head was right near him,” Gunn said.

The impact caused Richard to lose control of his motorcycle, which took a spill that caused less than $1,000 in damage to the bike, Gunn said.

Richard did not have a passenger aboard when the accident happened, Gunn said.

“He actually was fairly well protected,” Gunn said, adding that despite the heat, the rider was wearing a helmet, a padded protective jacket, gloves and jeans.

“From seeing the marks on his coat and the helmet, his injuries would have been a lot worse if he hadn’t been wearing them,” Gunn said.

Richard was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor for treatment of what appeared at the scene to be minor injuries, namely an abrasion on his arm and pain in his sternum. Further information about his medical condition was not immediately available.

The deer bounded away after the accident.