Bangor veterinarian Tori Weston, DVM, has opened a private practice — Tori Weston Housecall Veterinarian — that sees animal patients in their homes in the greater Bangor area. she will be assisted by her father, John Hofmann, a retired veterinarian.

Weston, who grew up Rangeley, earned a bachelor’s degree in biological science from Clemson University in South Carolina. After graduation she worked part time for a veterinary hospital; she says, secured her interest in veterinary science. In 2005, she graduated with a DVM degree from Auburn University in Alabama.

Before moving to Maine five years ago, Weston worked as a veterinarian at a Concord, N.H. office. She has worked for the past five years at the Bangor Veterinary Hospital on Broadway in Bangor.

“This is something I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time,” she said. “I am at a point in my life where I’m ready to take the leap [into owning her own practice].”

Weston will fill a niche for home-based general wellness pet care, which includes such services as annual wellness visits, blood and fecal testing, immunizations, minor illness care, and simple diagnoses. For more specialized care, surgeries, or x-rays, Weston has privileges at Hampden Veterinary Clinic. In addition, she will connect pet owners with specialists as needed.

“I’m very excited to be starting a house call veterinary practice in this area,” Weston said. “Bangor has proven to be a wonderful place to settle down and establish my career and family.”

The benefit to both pet and owner are evident in the one-on-one attention her clients will receive, Weston said. “It is less stressful for the pet,” she said. “There’s no travel involved. In addition, I can get a more accurate sense of the well-being of the pet. There’s also a convenience factor for the owners.”

Weston said that this service will be especially good for seniors and people who are unable to get their pet to a veterinarian. Providing in-home end-of-life care for pets has been requested has been requested by many clients as a way to make the process of letting go easier, she said.

“I love what I do,” Weston said. “My favorite part is the animals. It is both a very rewarding and very satisfying career.”

Weston spends one day per week at the Bangor Humane Society performing spay and neuter surgeries and vaccinating animals.

Weston shares her Bangor home with Desi, a 13-year-old Siamese cat, and Otis, a 12-year-old beagle/lab mix, her husband Cary, and their three children.

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