A story in Politico details the current thorny relationship between Maine’s senior senator, Olympia Snowe, and her former aide and the current Republican candidate Charlie Summers.

The issue, Politico says, is this: “Snowe has been at odds with Summers since he refused to endorse the 33-year Capitol Hill veteran over a prospective tea party challenger when she was still considering running for reelection.

“Even though she now plans to retire, Snowe is still irked over what she sees as an act of disloyalty after she helped prop up Summers’s political career and after the two built a close relationship of more than two decades. Snowe isn’t about to start campaigning for Summers in his uphill battle to win the Maine Senate seat, and she’s not yet planning to donate any of her $2 million campaign war chest to him, a move that has caused some tension within the party.”

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