You plan a small wedding, register for a few gifts and try to kept it all pretty low-key. Might work for your average bride, but not for a U.S. senator.

Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins, 59, will tie the knot next week with consultant Thomas Daffron, 73. The couple announced their engagement in February and tried to keep details about the wedding private. Nice try! Even jaded reporters were all over one of the rare happy stories coming out of this Senate.

In June, Collins was the guest of honor at what we’re calling the Most Powerful Bachelorette Party Ever: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a women-only dinner for the moderate Republican at Clinton’s D.C. home, inviting all 17 female senators and former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Clinton and Collins served in the Senate for seven years together and both sat on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

The press learned more homey details from the couple’s wedding registries at Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel. The two bought a house on Capitol Hill last year and registered for mostly inexpensive household items: candles, a lemon-yellow hand mixer, queen-size sheets, reports Maine’s Sun Journal. (Most gifts are already spoken for, but you can still buy the cookie dough scoop for $12.95.)

“There are people from her roots and from her childhood and from Maine who are going to want to buy her gifts, and then there’s people like Hillary Clinton who want to buy her gifts and their means are very different,” Maine wedding planner Amber Small told the paper. “She’s not playing a Kim Kardashian, where everything is $3,000 for an ashtray.”

This will be Collins’s first marriage, Daffron’s second. The small family wedding is scheduled for Sat., Aug. 11 somewhere in Maine; the exact location has not been disclosed. The two met as staffers to then-Sen. Bill Cohen and have been dating for two years. No word on whether the first-time bride will wear a traditional long white gown.

But the couple will take a honeymoon. Collins, who has never missed a Senate vote, cast her 5,000th consecutive in July. The wedding and honeymoon were timed for the August recess so she won’t break her Ripken-like streak.