BELFAST, Maine — The three men police say are responsible for a vandalism spree Tuesday night have been arrested and charged with aggravated criminal mischief.

Charged were Jacob Denham, 21, Damion Saucier, 19, and William Hurley, 20, all of Belfast.

Belfast Police Detective Bryan Cunningham said Thursday that a broken bottle found in the bottom of the City Park pool linked Denham to the crime.

Police identified Denham buying a bottle of Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka from a security video at the Big Apple on Route 1 sometime before the vandalism occurred. Part of a bottle of the same blueberry liquor was found on the pool bottom, Cunningham said.

In all, the men are believed to be responsible for breaking a window in an outbuilding on Bridge Street, and breaking windows at MacLeod Furniture and the Belfast Dance Studio on High Street. Flowers also were torn from flower boxes at several businesses along High Street and trash bins were overturned.

In the park, a window in a snack booth also was broken and a soda machine damaged. Blood was found on the glass, Cunningham said. “Jacob had a cut finger,” he said of Denham, suggesting the connection between the man and the crime.

Saucier and his father visited the police station Wednesday night to admit his involvement. Hurley and his father also contacted police to admit his role in the vandalism. Saucier and Hurley had posted bail Thursday, but Denham remained in custody, where he also was charged with violating a bail condition.

The men are believed to have been intoxicated at the time the vandalism occurred, Cunningham said. Other charges may follow, he added.