SEARSPORT, Maine — Two 14-year-olds who reportedly ran away from home last week may be facing charges for failing to stop for police officers who were searching for them, Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye said Monday.

The boyfriend and girlfriend were reported missing by their families on Thursday evening, and spent the night in the woods near the Trundy Road in Searsport. They told police later that the bugs weren’t too bad, the chief said.

“Everyone was concerned in that situation, because you don’t know what they’re thinking,” LaHaye said.

He did not identify the teens, who are classmates at Searsport District High School. Evidently they decided to run away from home because their parents did not want them seeing each other, he told the BDN last week.

Around midday on Friday, LaHaye received two different phone calls alerting him to the fact that two young people were walking in the vicinity of Trundy Road. He went looking for them there and did spot them — but they were not ready to be found.

“I confronted both of them, and the girl ran into the woods,” he said.

The boy waited on the road near his cruiser until the girl came out of the woods.

“As soon as they were together, they took off running again,” LaHaye said.

The two were on the move near the Sprague Energy facility, and eventually the chief caught them on the beach near Hamilton’s Seine loft on U.S. Route 1.

“I said, ‘OK, guys. It’s over,’” the chief recounted.

Police separated the young couple and then spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing them and their parents, first individually and then together. LaHaye said he is mulling over whether to charge them with failure to stop for a police officer.