BELFAST, Maine — A woman from North Carolina who got engaged at the Maine Celtic Celebration last month before losing her camera at the festival is delighted to get it back, according to Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham of the Belfast Police Department.

He did not name the woman or her hometown, but said she learned that police in Belfast had found a lost camera after her friend shared a link from a newspaper article about the camera on her Facebook page.

A woman who found the camera in the bushes after the July festival turned it in to police, Cunningham said.

“She said she’s so happy to know there’s still good in the world,” he said, reading from an email the North Carolina woman had sent.

Evidently the woman and her now-fiance had been staying in Rockland for the summer and decided to head to Belfast for the festival, where he purchased her Celtic engagement ring and proposed to her.

The couple took a photo of the woman wearing the new engagement ring that police shared with the Bangor Daily News this week.

After the woman called police to say that she had lost a camera, which she believed had possibly been taken from her car, she identified the Sony CX55 camera and also described a double-exposed photograph that was on the memory card.

Cunningham asked her to send another picture of her hand wearing the ring, which she did.

He said he soon will mail the camera to her in North Carolina.