Corporate power reigns

The dominant American institution has become the corporation, an unelected, amoral, faceless body of top management and major shareholders whose sole purpose is gain. They don’t care about global warming, low wages, joblessness or an immoral health system either, if they can profit from the sick and dying. Long, unwinnable wars, all the better, for the sale of guns, tanks and airplanes. When they fail, we have to bail them out with billions overnight, no questions asked.

Yet in politics you will never hear the word “corporation.” It’s “special interest.” Just six companies (in 1986 it was 20) now own the media, controlling 90 percent of what you read, see and hear, so don’t plan on much changing. They own everything, your bank, most of your house, your doctor, and now the government. The election is a laugh at best: hundreds of millions blown on misleading low-information voters to act against their own best economic interests and vote Republican. A weak and directionless Democratic party is kept on life support more or less as a sparring companion. It’s a destructive, narrow vision. Contravening ideas are ignored, their sources smeared or blacklisted.

This is what we accept as our political process. Citizens United was the final straw in permanently eliminating the public voice from the civic sphere. We call this state of affairs a democracy.

Dennis Lopez


Accidents happen

I am a mother of three and also have my niece and nephew living with us, and I don’t think anyone should judge anyone’s parenting skills. An accident is just that an accident, kids have a mind of their own and are very quick and things happen.

My heart breaks into 1,000 pieces for the Morse family and know it could happen in a split second to any of us. So instead of criticizing the family let’s support them and hug our own children today. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for anything and can’t believe people actually are mean enough to say such things to a family in mourning.

Let’s support and make this world a nicer place to live, not put others down. For all of you who say you don’t let your children out of sight and are with them every minute, you are liars — that is impossible to do and in the end your kids will be the worst-acting kids in the school because they will crave the freedom.

Do you think criticizing a family in need is showing your children good qualities, because it isn’t. Showing love and support is the best thing to teach our children.

Patti Bailey


Chamber remarks

I don’t like out-of-state interests assuming that the people of Maine are not capable of making informed decisions on their own. That’s how I felt after seeing the recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce ad misleading us that Governor King was a “reckless spender”.

It’s especially ironic when you learn that the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, made up of Maine businesses, responded that they do not agree with the ad’s content.

Maine’s citizens and business owners are intelligent enough to form our own opinions of Governor King’s fiscal performance, without “reckless” accusations from an out-of-state special-interest group. We know Angus. We know his record on business in our state. He was successful in promoting the interests of business during his two terms as our independent governor and he will continue to be a strong advocate for business in Maine as our next senator.

It takes good business sense, leadership, and certainly a ‘can-do’ attitude to move Maine’s economy forward. Angus gets it.

As a professional transportation engineer, I followed the progress made during the King administration on transportation issues that are so vital in supporting successful business here in Maine. Far from being reckless, Governor King’s strategic decisions made a real difference to Maine businesses across our state.

We don’t need the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s help and we certainly don’t appreciate their undisclosed out-of-state money trying to influence our elections. In Maine, we can make up our own minds just fine.

Tom Gorrill


Insured women

Starting Aug.1, 2012, a long list of women’s health services became available to insured women at no additional cost — eliminating co-pays and deductibles.

All FDA–approved methods of birth control are now covered by insurance when prescribed by a doctor, nurse practitioner or other licensed medical professional.

Instead of paying out of pocket, preventive services like annual exams, prenatal care, STI screening and contraception will be more affordable and accessible.

Other benefits include support for survivors of domestic abuse, breast-feeding assistance for new mothers, and preventive screenings for diseases such as gestational diabetes. Mammograms for women over 40, HPV testing, and possibly even colon cancer screening will be covered by insurance.

As an organization whose mission is to work for true equality for women, AAUW is pleased that the Affordable Care Act begins to address inequitable treatment of women through insurance coverage. Overall, there are fewer working women than working men who have insurance through the workplace, a disparity that will be corrected over the next few years. In addition, Insurers have historically charged women more than men in a practice known as gender-rating, which has led to women paying more out of pocket for essential preventive services such as Pap smears and birth control. The newest insurance benefits are a good step toward achieving equality for women.

It is important that insured women learn as much as they can about these new benefits — and more important, that they take advantage of them.

Shirley Davis

Ruth Lockhart


Law abiding

Like Hank Hosking (BDN, August 4, 2012) I am also a life member of the NRA, lifetime hunter, reloader and shooter. But this is where our similarities end.

I am firmly against restrictions on ownership of military-style weapons for qualified people. I have shot thousands of rounds of ammo from hundreds of guns (including military-style weapons) in both recreational shooting and hunting. Not one of my guns has ever hurt or killed a human being.

Remember that a gun is an inanimate object. The madman holding it is to blame for its misuse, not the gun itself. Society needs to do more to identify the unstable/crazies and keep firearms from them. Don’t blame and restrict the law-abiding gun owner/shooter for the actions of a madman.

Merle Cousins

Southwest Harbor