Chamber’s negative ads

Having been a small business owner and entrepreneur in Aroostook County during the governorship of Angus King, it is my opinion that more was done for the state of Maine’s small businesses than at any other time.

Our agricultural and economical developmental programs grew at a rapid rate. Our education systems had significant reform and there is no greater commitment we can make for a prosperous future of Maine than a first-quality educational system; it is not an option, it is a


During the eight years of King’s administration, unemployment rates dropped and new jobs were created at an average of 175 per week, for every week during his two terms. Seems remarkable looking at today’s employment problems.

I believe that a positive attitude goes a long way, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s negative ads on television are a dramatic misrepresentation of the majority of business owners in Maine.

As an independent, King will be a sought-after vote in the midst of party-politics in Washington and will keep Maine his focus.

I have the privilege of knowing Angus and his family. I believe he can, and will do more for Maine. He knows The County and its people, as well as being a caring, intelligent man of utmost integrity. He gets my vote.

Patty LeBlanc

Presque Isle

Eminent Domain

I am puzzled by the editorial, “ Eminent Domain Key Issue” in the BDN, republished from the Lewiston Sun Journal.

This editorial discusses Gov. Paul LePage’s recent announcement that he will put a $300,000 feasibility study for the infamous 220-mile east-west highway on hold due to questions about the possible use of eminent domain to support this project.

What puzzles me is that there is no mention whatsoever in this piece of any other potential problems with the east-west highway. What about environmental concerns as expressed by the Sierra Club in their opposition to this highway? In addition to eminent domain, they cite possible harm to waterways, water quality, critical habitat and threatened endangered species, local communities’ environment and economies, and public recreational lands ( BDN May 7).

Why is it so easy to shove environmental concerns under the rug? Now that the study for the highway is on hold, let’s not forget that eminent domain is only one of the many possible pitfalls of the east-west highway.

Carol Rosinski


Do not liter

I work with a group of women who meet once a week in the evenings and this is what they have to say.

“We just watched the documentary “Tapped” and it was interesting and educational. We learned a lot about how bottles are made — from oil to plastic, i.e. toxins. We saw how plastic is ending up in the ocean, rivers and ponds. Plastic is killing animals which makes us sad. We want to encourage people to recycle, to help more and to not litter.”

Robin Mendenhall


Different set of rules

Obama’s decision to stop deportations and award work permits to illegal immigrant youth defies the will of Congress and undermines constitutional government. Congress has defeated legislation by providing work permits to illegal immigrant youth three times in the past. But pandering to the Hispanic vote is more important to Obama now, than respecting the Constitution.

With unprecedented unemployment among American youth and minorities, it is shameful that our president is providing work permits to over a million illegal immigrant workers. Once again, (this is amnesty No. 8) we are telling the world: here’s how you do it. Come on in and ignore the laws. Someone will always have a compelling personal story for breaking the law, and the press will tell it. How many more times do we go down this road?

Border Patrol agents are put in an impossible position by Obama’s directive, trying to enforce immigration laws, and they’re fighting back. You can sign their petition at

Where are the liberals who believe we should enforce laws impartially, without respect to gender, race, class or national origin? Once again, we slide down the road to ethnic identity politics, with a different set of rules for different ethnic groups.

Julie Tosswill


Elect Ed Mazurek

In a letter published in the Bangor Daily News dated Aug. 14, 2012, Helen Shaw asserts that people should vote for Chris Rector despite his strong support of Gov. LePage’s agenda. She bases the assertion on the fact he has not supported the governor’s agenda a few times in the past.

It is difficult to understand how Sen. Rector could conclude Gov. LePage’s legislative agenda reflects the will of the Maine people since Gov.LePage was elected by a less than 39 percent of the voters. Despite this fact, Sen. Rector has voted to support the governor’s proposals 89 percent of the time. That action is not the hallmark of the freethinking, hardworking legislator the letter asserts to be the case.

Given the fact that the governor was opposed by 61 percent of voters statewide and 63 percent of Knox County voters in the 2010 election, the question has to be asked, just who is Sen. Rector listening to, Knox County voters or Gov. LePage?

I want someone in Augusta who listens to the people. That is why I will be voting for Ed Mazurek for state senator.

Camy Vitullo


Voting for equality

I am looking forward to vote in favor of marriage equality this November. As an independent small business owner, former mayor of the city of Belfast, and current city council member, I urge my fellow Maine citizens to support the right of all to marry.

My businesses have benefited greatly by employing people regardless of their sexual orientation. It was never any of my business at all and yet it was good for my business. The city of Belfast has a justifiably proud statewide, and even beyond Maine’s borders, reputation as an open,

welcoming, diverse, vital and successful community. In part we have built that reputation because we are a community that respects, values and embraces equality.

I understand where the feelings regarding the protection of marriage come from; I too am a true believer in everything good and strong that marriage brings to society and family. That is exactly why I support the right of free same sex people to marry each other and why I will vote yes to allow the state of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Michael Hurley