Deb and I revisit several areas multiple times during the year. Seasonal changes plus day-to-day weather differences often paint such diverse appearances from nature, that it’s almost like a totally different hike. One of those often visited areas is Acadia National Park Schoodic Peninsula.

Our hike usually begins at Frazer Point picnic area where, this time, we photographed a colorful magnolia warbler. Continuing our walk along the shoreline for about a mile, we connect with the park road and walk for an additional mile or so. On our return hike to Frazer Point the photo of an American bald eagle was taken, as well as the roadside mushroom .

The next segment of our Schoodic adventure begins at Blueberry Hill parking area where we begin a hike of just over a mile on the Alder Trail to a gravel road that connects to the park road. It was along this segment that the northern mockingbird made it’s appearance. Case in point, after maybe 20 or more hikes in this area, this is the first time I’ve seen and photographed this bird species. We then follow the one-way park road back to Blueberry Hill and appreciate the wonderful Maine outdoor experience that we just had.