PITTSFIELD, Maine — Cianbro has acquired a steel fabrication facility in Massachusetts that will significantly increase its capacity, expand its services and allow the company to pursue bigger projects.

Pittsfield-based Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corp. purchased a 40,000-square-foot fabrication and coating facility from Pittsburgh-based L.B. Foster Co. for an undisclosed price.

This will be Cianbro’s third major fabrication facility, according to Alan Grover, Cianbro’s spokesman. The company already operates fabrication facilities in Pittsfield, Maine, and Baltimore, Md., Grover said. “We’re just filling in gaps, just bolstering capacity where we need it,” he said.

The acquisition gives Cianbro a facility strategically placed between New York City and Boston, Jack Klimp, general manager of Cianbro Fabrication and Coating Corp., said in a statement. “So it’s allowing us to do more. It’s allowing us to chase some larger projects. … It adds to our capacity. And it strengthens our presence relative to the New York City market and the Boston market.”

Added Grover: “Our team has been fabricating steel for the Brooklyn Bridge renovation, so that’s the kind of work they’ll be able to pursue with even more gusto with this added capacity.”

The new fabrication facility also allows Cianbro to expand its product line to include “stringer bridges,” which are made with a rolled beam as the main member of the structure, according to Grover.

The acquisition adds roughly 30 new employees to the company’s roster. Cianbro currently employs 4,000 people across 40 states.

Whit Richardson

Whit Richardson is Business Editor at the Bangor Daily News. He blogs about Maine business, entrepreneurs and the economy.