ROCKLAND, Maine — The lawsuit filed by the father of a 5-year-old boy whose hand was severed in June and later reattached has been settled and will benefit only the child.

The lawsuit filed July 18 by Anthony Pignone against the boy’s grandmother Sharon Setz was dismissed last week in Knox County Superior Court.

Attorney Daniel Kagan of Lewiston, who handled the lawsuit on behalf of the boy, Noah Keene, said the lawsuit was filed only to get Setz’s auto insurance company to pay up to the limits of its policy. Kagan said that goal has been achieved.

He said that there was never any intent for Pignone to receive any money from the settlement. The attorney said he knew that filing a lawsuit would be faster than trying to negotiate with the insurance company. The maximum award under the policy is $50,000 per person.

Kagan said he and his law firm are waiving any fee for handling the case. The court will oversee distribution of the money and must approve the final details of the settlement, he noted.

Pignone said Monday that his goal was never to get any money. He said many statements made about him have been false.

He said his twin boys, including Noah, spent a week with him shortly before the accident.

“I have not been an absentee father,” Pignone said.

He pointed out that he lives more than 200 miles away from his boys, who live with their mother in Rockland.

The accident occurred June 26 when Noah wrapped a jump rope around his left wrist and dangled the other end out the window of the car being driven by his grandmother. The rope was caught around the wheel of the car and his hand was severed.

Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital were able to reattach the hand. Noah returned home in July.

The community rallied for the boy and the family with various fundraisers which collected more than $30,000.